Tuesday update

It’s another not-very-newsy Tuesday. Here’s what I’ve got:

Geoff Calkins of The Daily Memphian tested positive for COVID this month and has since recovered. He provided a full account of what he went through.

In other COVID news, the DM reports that local hospitals are out of the danger zone capacity-wise, with ICU bed usage at 89% and acute care bed usage at 86%.

Shelby County Commissioners passed a motion yesterday forbidding any public buildings to be named after Donald Trump.

The Undefeated has a conversation with the Grizzlies’ Jaren Jackson Jr.

Ja Morant has been added to Team USA’s player pool for the 2021 Summer Olympics™. That doesn’t mean he’ll play, but he’s on the list of those being considered for a spot.

COVID and its related protocols have postponed another Grizzlies game, this one set for tomorrow vs. Chicago. This will be the 5th straight the team has missed.

In today’s POLITICO Playbook there is a most interesting map of who occupies the first two floors of the White House’s West Wing.

Useful: Get access to free Kindle books with your library card. You can also use your library card to watch free movies on Kanopy. You can also get the free movies if you’re a student or a professor. (h/t Morning Brew daily newsletter)

Probably not going to watch the COVID-19 press conference today since it’s too soon for them to think about issuing another health directive. Back tomorrow with more news.