Wednesday update

On Monday afternoon, a truck was carjacked in broad daylight while parked on a well-traveled street in the Downtown core. It belonged to a worker of a management company that manages an office building, and his work tools were in it.

I bet you the thieves had cased out that building for a while, and had noted when the truck was parked outside as well as the driver’s routine. The Downtown core is perceived as a very safe part of town and no one expects such a crime to happen in the middle of the business day.

I hate to be the bearer of bad news, but I wanted to pass the info along because it’s possible the thieves could try to repeat their scheme. Property managers, tell your employees to be extra vigilant with their vehicles and equipment.

If you have trouble deciding what to get when you go to Central BBQ, you’re going to love this announcement they made yesterday:

NEW menu item alert! 🚨 Our new appetizer sampler is perfect for watching the game or when you are just craving a little bit of everything! Includes a mini bbq nacho, pork (or chicken) slider, mini sausage & cheese, 2 hot wings with ranch dressing, homemade chips! For only $14.99! Order online (or call) to grab this from our Central, Summer or Downtown locations!

Now that the Safer at Home order has been lifted and we’re back to 50% capacity with live music permitted, B.B. King’s club will reopen Friday, January 29 at 11 AM.

Penny Hardaway’s Memphis Tigers beat SMU 76-72 yesterday and are in second place in the AAC.

The county’s COVID-19 numbers are looking better. Yesterday Health Department director Dr. Haushalter announced a 7-day new case rolling average of 392, below the tripwire of 450. In fact, the number of cases reported yesterday (for that specific day, not an average) was only 221. The reproduction rate of the virus is down to 0.79, meaning it is having trouble finding new hosts to keep itself alive. BUT… (there’s always a BUT)… health department officials are hesitant to loosen restrictions further because of fear the new strains of COVID will make their way to Memphis. It’s always something. Heaven forbid anyone sit at a bar, or dine in at 11 PM.  Dr. H encouraged everyone to get tested and know their status, especially those under 40 and those who work in fields with high risk of exposure to the virus.

Fox 13 reports that South Main’s Malco Powerhouse Cinema Grill will reopen Friday.

We may see a little snow this morning as a system moves through… WeatherBug reports a temp of 40 though, so don’t expect it to stick. Back tomorrow with more news.