Patti LaMelte at Blind Bear and Friday news

As you can see in the image above, Perjorie T. Roll is feeling good from her head to her shoes.

Knows where she’s going and she knows what to do.

She’s tidied up her point of view.

She’s got a Patti LaMelte from Chef Steph at the Blind Bear: smoked Gouda pimiento cheese and caramelized onions on wheatberry toast. I cannot put into words how delicious that pimiento cheese is. The Patti LaMelte is a special at Blind Bear this week, and if you’re a fan of patty melts, you need to try this. They’re open 10 to 10 today, so why not stop by for lunch?

The Shelby County Health Department is now vaccinating people 70 and up for COVID; if you’re a veteran and 65 or up, you can get a shot at the VA. More info

The South Main Association will meet via Zoom next Tuesday. Jimmie Tucker will discuss the South Memphis TIF to incentivize businesses in the area. The TIF includes South Main, South End, French Fort, and South City.

Uvrebu Contemporary opens at Main and Huling tomorrow night, Saturday, February 6 from 5:30 to 9:30, but because of COVID gallery tours are appointment only. Call 901-521-0782 or go online to schedule an appointment.

The speed limit, where not posted, is now 25 MPH in Memphis, a drop from 30. Stupidest non-COVID decision made by local government this year. Traffic engineers say this will primarily affect drivers in the Downtown area as well as residential roads.

The Grizzlies fell to 9-8 and out of the top 8 in the Western Conference with a loss at home to the Houston Rockets last night. Next up for the Grizz: At New Orleans 8 PM tomorrow.

Action News 5 has insight from Shelby County Schools superintendent Dr. Joris Ray on the district’s plan to return to in-person learning.

Memphis is in a blood shortage right now and donors are sought.

From STIX, the Asian restaurant on Second:

Sushi Lunch Club monthly memberships are now available at STIX Downtown! If you’re a frequent visitor, you’re going to want to get in on this deal. Here’s how it works:
Step 1:  Purchase a punch card for $35.
Step 2:  Enjoy four sushi rolls within one month of your purchase date.
Step 3: Calculate your savings!
The average price of our sushi rolls is $10, so purchasing a membership saves you at least $5.

Good news! After a COVID shutdown, the production of Peeps will resume in time for Easter.

Fun site: Who old are you? Put in your date of birth and it will tell you what people were doing when they were your age. I learned that

  • When Leonardo da Vinci was my age, he started work on the Mona Lisa
  • When Angela Merkel was my age, she was elected Chancellor of Germany

By the way, the two stories above came from the Morning Brew newsletter. If two more people click my link and sign up for Morning Brew, I get stickers!

The National Civil Rights Museum has announced a Virtual Book Talk for Four Hundred Souls: A Community History of African America, 1619-2019. It will be online at 6:00 this evening.

Cocozza and Blind Bear have posted their Valentine’s Day menus to their Facebook pages.

That’s the news for today. Whew, barely got this post done before time to head to work! Back tomorrow with more news.