Saturday update

Memphis in May has delayed its salute to Ghana until the year 2022. With no Music Fest, a BBQ Fest watered down by strict COVID precautions, and trouble flying in foreign dignitaries, it was the right move. We are gonna have a Ghana celebration three years in the making in ’22! Who knows where it’ll be, but we’re gonna have it!

Even if you’re not a football fan, you can enjoy the Super Bowl tomorrow with these prop bets. Bets include the length of the National Anthem, whether Robinhood/GameStop will be mentioned in the broadcast, and how many times Patrick Mahomes will appear in a State Farm commercial.

AutoZone Park has front office internships for college students and recent college graduates. Interns will work on projects in marketing, sales, retail, operations, and game productions. This is a big opportunity because you’ll be able to say you worked with both a professional baseball team and a professional soccer team.

I found a cool automation tool called Zapier yesterday. It’s one of those things that, I haven’t figured out yet how it’s going to be useful in my life, but I know it will be. It connects to over 2000 apps including Outlook, Slack, Facebook, Stripe, Trello, Gmail, Google Calendar, Salesforce, Twitter, and many more. An example of how it might work: You could set up a rule saying, when a new email arrives in Gmail, save the attachment in Dropbox, then send a notification to a Slack channel.

From WREG: A Memphis man is accused of stealing TVs off a train car off E.H. Crump Blvd.

From the CA: An urban townhouse community is in the works for the southwest corner of Main and Carolina.

Alcenia’s will host a talk about Black History Month over hot chocolate Sunday at 1.

Next weekend could get interesting here. Weatherbug’s extended forecast:

  • Thursday: 36/20, 30% frozen mix AM, 40% PM
  • Friday: 27/11
  • Saturday: 28/14
  • Sunday: 26/18

Fox 13 reports that help is on the way for restaurants hurt by the pandemic with the Restaurant Act of 2021 making its way through Congress. I think they meant $10 billion worth of aid not $10 million?

Tigers on national TV alert: Penny’s team hosts ECU at FedExForum today at 1. ESPN will broadcast the game.

The Dirty Crow Inn will have bacon-wrapped shrimp, its signature wings, and the game on TV at its pop-up at the 40et8, 152 Legion Rd. in West Memphis Sunday 3-10.

It’s 6:20 AM and I already have my blog post done as well as my daily Medium post. I guess I get to go out today! Back tomorrow with more news.