Sunday update

If you’re still trying to decide where to go to watch the game today, let me tempt you with a little food porn.

These are Chef Steph’s Loaded BBQ Nachos that the Blind Bear will serve for the game today. They’re topped with smoked pork in Jagermeister BBQ sauce, smoked Gouda, smoked cheddar, pepper jack cheese sauce, lettuce, tomato, and red onion. The Bear also has a chili dog today, on a pretzel bun with chili made with Wiseacre beer. You can also get that Wiseacre beer chili atop cheese fries.

Bardog Tavern is also going game-day specials as well. These will be:

  • Loaded chicken nachos $12
  • Chicharones with salsa $8 (got to try an order of these yesterday, very good!)
  • $12 buckets of Bud, Miller, or Coors products (photo showed 4 bottles in bucket)
  • Free Bud Light T-shirt with every bucket
  • $4 16 oz. Mich Ultra drafts

Wow, I just realized something… yesterday was my first visit to Bardog in 7 weeks! I used the Safer at Home order as an opportunity to take some time off for my professional writing, and Saturday, which tends to be my main Bardog day, was one day when I really needed to focus in. I’ll do better about getting up there more as the weather starts to get nice.

While at Bardog, a friend of mine told me the Spanish Octopus at Curfew is really good. I still have not had a chance to check that place out and am grateful for the recommendation.

The Daily Memphian has a really interesting article on the effects of the pandemic on the criminal justice system. Delayed jury trials in particular have been an issue.

The Memphis Tigers are now 1.5 games behind Houston in the American Athletic Conference following yesterday’s victory over ECU. Next up: Cincinnati, Wednesday night at 6 at FedExForum. The game will be on either ESPN2 or ESPNU, according to

The Grizzlies, on the other hand, fell to .500 and 10th place in the Western Conference with a loss to New Orleans on the road last night. That loss is the third straight for Memphis. Next up: home game vs. Toronto tomorrow at 7 PM.

Super Bowl LV drinking games:

Be sure to root for Tank, Cosmo, Vinnie, and Jiffy in today’s Puppy Bowl. They were rescued from Memphis-area shelters.

I have no plans to get out today and watch the game, and plan on staying home and seeing how many Medium articles and ideas for articles I can get done by the end of the day. That’s it for now, back tomorrow with more news.