Monday update: DGX is the best thing to come Downtown since the Grizzlies

Yesterday I made my first official shopping visit to the new DGX store at Main and Gayoso, in the former Yao’s China Bistro space. DGX is a relatively new concept aimed at urban/Downtown areas in large cities. The stores are under the Dollar General umbrella and they claim to offer Dollar General prices along with the quality and selection of much higher-end stores.

Would they live up to their hype? This is the haul I took away:

First of all, let’s talk selection. The Stouffer’s stuffed peppers and Chunky bean & ham soup are two meals that I love (or, should I say, four meals that I love, since I bought two of each) but could not previously find without leaving the Downtown core.

The can of orange Mountain Dew Kickstart was $1.35. Anywhere else Downtown, that thing would be north of two bucks.

The Chips Ahoy were $2.95. At Walgreens they’re $4.29. Now and then they’re on sale for 2 for $6. So DGX’s regular prices are in some cases cheaper than Walgreens’ sale prices. In other cases, DGX’s regular prices are cheaper than Family Dollar’s regular prices, without, you know, the general shittiness of Family Dollar.

Counting tax, everything seen here came in at $16.92. In this neighborhood, where stores are known to charge a premium for convenience, this is a breath of fresh air. DGX is the 5th closest place to my apartment to do basic shopping, but from now on it’s my #1 go-to.

Stuffed bell peppers are a dish that’s universally liked in the Ryburn household. Socially Distant Perjorie likes the peppers themselves and Mendatius likes the stuffing.

Damn, I just read the instructions for those peppers. 7 minutes on high, spoon sauce over them, 9 minutes on 50%, 2 minutes resting after heating has ended. I’m going to starve to death waiting for the peppers to be done.

Life Church is starting a new Downtown campus. They’ll have an Interest Night Sunday, February 28 at 6:30 PM at 409 South Main where you can learn about all of the things that will be happing at the Downtown location.

That feeling when a deadly virus follows you on Medium:

Note to my programmer friends: You have a new reason to pay $5 a month for unlimited reading on Medium. It now includes unlimited reading of the Pragmatic Programmers family of books. There are close to 100 books, going far beyond just languages – you’ll find everything from DevOps to game development to security to Scrum.

The blog says that at this point, it’s a total crapshoot how much wintry weather we’ll get Thursday.

From AdAge: All the Super Bowl ads, reviewed (h/t Morning Brew)

From WREG: Why The Weeknd’s backup dancers wore bandages during the Super Bowl halftime show

That’s it for now. I may get out for a bit this afternoon and enjoy the half of this week that’s not bitter cold. Back tomorrow with more news.