Wednesday update

Promising news in the Shelby County COVID-19 press conference yesterday. Health Officer Dr. Bruce Randolph noted that we continue to see improvements in COVID case numbers and other metrics. A new health directive will be drawn up approximately a week from now in response to those improvements.

From Gizmodo: Mortified lawyer appears in court as a cat, blames Zoom filter

Local 24 says a significant ice storm may be brewing today and tonight. Check out those ice accumulation totals! Their model shows two-thirds of an inch of ice in Memphis. One-quarter of an inch is considered the threshold to call such an event an ice storm.

The Memphis Flyer profiles Papi Joe who sells his sauces at the Memphis Farmers Market. They’re also in 40 markets in 8 states, including Whole Foods.

Giant river otter sculptures are coming to Tom Lee Park. They’ll be in the north part of the park near the cobblestones, and kids will be able to climb through them.

Found to be beyond repair, the demolition of the Nylon Net building at 7 Vance could happen within weeks, making way for an apartment building.

If I have any readers in Kentucky, New Jersey, Colorado, South Carolina, and North Carolina, Downtown Memphis Wiseacre beer is heading your way. Wiseacre also announced the release of Bow Echo Hazy IPA as a beer that will be produced year-round.

A COVID-19 case in Shelby County may be the Brazilian variant.

The Grizzlies host the Charlotte Hornets tonight at 7.

Y’all keep a close eye on weather and traffic conditions today at the office. If it looks like roads are going to ice over before evening rush hour, get out early and get home. Back tomorrow with more news.