Thursday update

I woke up at 3:31 to the sound of thundersleet. Or thunderhail? Who knows. I woke up and opened the blinds and watched torrential freezing rain drop on the Main Street Mall. Today has the potential to be a major shitstorm. I am sick and tired of the #stayhome hashtag but today it’s worth heeding.

The A.W. Willis bridge has already on the island. If you live on the island and have the misfortune of having to go to work today, you’ll need to use the back (Second St.) exit.

The poor kids… this’d normally be a snow day. Now it’s just another virtual learning day.

COVID will postpone what would have been the University of Memphis vs. Cincinnati game tonight.

The Memphis Flyer has a feature called Your Heart’s Desire featuring Valentine’s Day takeout from local restaurants. Downtown restaurants covered include Chef Tam’s Underground Cafe, Catherine & Mary’s, The Gray Canary, Sunrise Memphis, and Cocozza American Italian.

Watching Channel 3… a reporter says there are sounds of tree limbs cracking. Look out for falling limbs if you have to get out.

I watched an episode of Gomer Pyle USMC last night. For those not familiar, that’s a spinoff of The Andy Griffith Show where good ol’ boy gas station attendant Gomer joins the Marines. On last night’s episode, Sergeant Carter shouted at Gomer for having non-regulation items in his foot locker. Among those items: A plastic troll for good luck. Yep, trolls were a thing even in 1965. It’s important for trolls to appreciate their ancestry so I moved Perjorie and Mendatius in front of the TV.

Since I work across the street, I have no excuse for not going to work. I’ll be out at Blind Bear a little after 1. Going to go ahead and get this posted, in case this is the only source of news some of my readers check. Back tomorrow with more news.