Wed update

It is down to 59 in my apartment this morning. Not sure if it’s an MLGW problem or just the fact that 20-year-old HVAC systems in this region are not equipped to handle a week of sub-20 temperatures. The building is getting contractors out to look at it today. I’m not mad at management about it. This is a once-in-a-generation cold snap.

The blog has the latest on the winter storm moving through Memphis today and tomorrow. 4-5 inches of snow and a hint of ice is the prevailing prediction, although at one end of the spectrum 6-8 inches of snow is possible, and on the other end 2-3 inches of snow and a quarter inch of ice.

Some good news: The extended forecast map for February 24-March 2 shows above-normal temperatures. Normal for the last week of February is 58, so we could see some 60s next week hopefully.

We now have a grand opening date for Craft Axe Throwing at 344 Floyd Alley in The Edge District: Friday, February 26. Floyd Alley is the alley parallel to Madison and Monroe, from Fourth (next to the Fielder Square parking garage) to Danny Thomas Blvd. Arnold’s BBQ is also in that alley. They’ll have 14 throwing lanes, a stocked bar with local beers (wonder if they’ll have PBR), and plenty of TVs. They’re accepting reservations for a lane at $20 an hour with 2-4 people per lane and discounts for large groups.

Let’s hear it for the good guys: Memphis Jeep Club shuttles healthcare workers to work during the winter storm

The DM’s Jennifer Biggs and the Flyer’s Michael Donahue talk this year’s Calvary Waffle Shop, which is a little different because of COVID. It’s all to-go but they’ll still have Waffle Shop faves including fish pudding, spaghetti, and Boston cream pie. The tomato aspic will be back as part of the Calvary salad plate. They’ll serve lunch 11-1 Wednesdays and Fridays and dinner 5:15-6:15 Wednesdays.

After I went and made such a nice drinking game, the Shelby County Health Department canceled its noon press conference yesterday. So we still don’t know what’s in Health Directive No. 18, although I have heard from multiple sources 75% capacity and a 12 AM closing time for restaurants are in the mix.

My neighbor Brent McAfee, owner of Black Sheep Meats that supplies many of Downtown’s fine restaurants, is competing for a grant to expand his business. Please take a moment to vote for Brent here.

The next round of stimulus checks will be based on your 2019 or 2020 income, depending on the latest record the IRS has on file at the time checks are cut. So, if you made less money in 2020 than 2019, you’ll want to hurry up and file your tax return to make sure you get the full amount of your stimulus check.

Penny Hardaway’s Tigers have had to postpone another game, this time Sunday’s game vs. Temple.

Today is Ash Wednesday AKA post on Facebook what you’re giving up for Lent Day. Today is also My Way Day. Here’s a video of Sid Vicious (not the wrestler who lives in Marion, Arkansas) covering Sinatra’s “My Way”:

MLGW asks customers to conserve water this week. I gotcha there, MLGW! It’s way too cold in this apartment to contemplate stepping out of the shower dripping wet. Probably gonna go the entire week without taking a shower. The natural oil will be good for my hair. As for my body, I’ll have so many layers on that no one will be able to smell me anyway.

The Grizz host the OKC Thunder tonight at 8. TV is Fox Sports Southeast.

PRO TIP: If you’re going to creep on someone’s social media, don’t do it on a touch-screen device where you might accidentally “Like” one of their posts and then have to quickly delete it to avoid being detected. Someone did that to my Twitter feed for the second time in a month. This time I got a screen capture of the notification on my phone. That’ll give me even further proof that this person really is who I’ve been saying he is for several years now. Just in case there’s any confusion to whom I’m referring: married white male.

Office is closed today, but I’m not too keen on staying in this 59-degree apartment for much longer than I have to. I’ll keep an eye on Bardog’s social media this morning, and if they get the doors open at 8 I will walk over there. It’ll likely be 59 in there too – the health department says they have to run their ceiling fans at all times to improve air flow – but at least there’s PBR.

Back tomorrow with more news, if I haven’t completely frozen by then.