Thursday update

Well, I found out why it’s so cold in my apartment. It’s related to the water main break MLGW is repairing at Main and Union. Didn’t know that kind of thing could affect heating in an apartment a couple of blocks away, but take my word for it, it can and it has. It’s 56 in here right now. My building’s management has generously offered to reimburse residents for a hotel stay, and I may take them up on that tonight.

Hey, we made the news!

Health Directive No. 18 dropped yesterday and goes into effect at 12:01 AM Saturday, February 20. The major changes with respect to restaurants and bars are:

  • Seating at bar areas is allowed for the first time in about 7 months. However, a maximum of two people per group is allowed to sit together at the bar, and groups must be spaced 6 feet apart from each other.
  • The 50% capacity limit has been eliminated.
  • Closing time has been pushed back from 10 PM to 12 AM.
  • The directive states that restaurants and bars “should” prohibit smoking but then goes on to say that any smoking that is allowed must comply with Tennessee law.
  • Bartenders and servers working at the bar must wear a face shield as well as a mask.

These are some steps in the right direction, although I think the 2-max per group at a bar is really stupid. I guess it’s a way to limit people standing at the bar and ordering. I hope bars that permitted smoking prior to Health Directive 15 don’t bring it back.

Once South of Beale moves into its new digs in the former Ambassador Hotel, its former space at 381 S. Main will become home to Good Fortune Company, an Asian restaurant. Check out the restaurant’s website. Well, this news will make one of the old poots who sits at the corner table at Max’s Sports Bar very happy.

Memphis Made Brewing Co. has brewed some dark beers to help get us through these snowy times. Look for Drew’s Day Off and Memphis as Truck in the taproom and in cans on grocery shelves.

StyleBlueprint has a list of 20 heated patios in Memphis. Among the Downtown patios featured: Blind Bear, Felicia Suzanne’s, Loflin Yard, Momma’s, Sage, and Silky’s.

The DM has photos of winter sports Downtown – sledding, skiing, snowboarding, and more. It’s the Downtown version of the Winter Oly… oops, don’t want to complete that thought and violate a trademark.

From today’s Morning Brew newsletter: Pigs can play video games with their snouts, scientists find. Perhaps we can get an interactive demonstration at BBQ Fest ’22?

Today is National Drink Wine Day, a holiday that will be widely celebrated Downtown. Go see my friend Carl at Downtown Liquors and Wines at Main and Madison.

The 2021 Memphis Tigers football schedule has been released. The nonconference portion of the schedule contains a nonconference game against nearby rival Arkansas State, as well as an SEC opponent in Mississippi State.

That’s it for this post. Back tomorrow with more news, unless it’s too cold for me to feel like writing.