Sunday update

I apologize for starting off with a subscriber-only link, but this is important. The Daily Memphian reported today The Peanut Shoppe on Main will have to find a new home, and doing so won’t be easy. After the lease runs out on December 31, the building’s owner plans to take 6-8 months to renovate the building, modernizing the two storefronts (the former Court House Deli being the other) and converting the currently unusable upstairs space into residential apartments.

Owner Rida wants to keep his business Downtown, but there are two elements of The Peanut Shoppe that are tricky.

  • If he relocates, he’ll need to add a vent for his peanut roaster
  • The Peanut Shoppe is absolutely a business that relies on foot traffic – if he relocates, it will have to be in a walkable neighborhood, on a street with a large number of pedestrians

Please show The Peanut Shoppe some love with nut and candy purchases, and if you can think of a suitable space, please let Rida know.

Restaurants: I want to make a comment here, having observed the past week. If there is ANY doubt what time you will be open on a particular day (even if you plan on opening at the normal posted time), get that out on social media (your official company social media) as early as possible. Don’t rely on individual employees to put it on their social media, and don’t get around to it two hours after you open and happen to think of it. Being open and customers not knowing it is bad. Being closed and customers not knowing it (and showing up) is worse, because then they won’t trust you to be open in the future.

To make it clear: If there is ANY doubt what time you will be open, for any reason – be it COVID, be it water main breaks, be it a Boil Water order, be it an employee quitting – let people know when you’re opening, let them know as far in advance of that time as possible, and do it on an official channel. Don’t make social media an afterthought. People rely on it.

And no, I don’t have any particular business in mind when I point those things out. We all need a reminder.

As of 9 last night, MLGW still did not know when the Boil Water order will be lifted. They are asking residents to delay things such as doing laundry in order to help with the water pressure. I’ve changed clothes once in the past week, so I guess I can take a week off from laundry.

MATA resumes its fixed routes and MATAplus today. They plowed Main and got the trolleys running yesterday.

Overnight rain should melt the remaining snow tonight. Temperatures will remain well above freezing.

From the Dirty Crow Inn:

Due to the weather, we will not be selling the Dirty Crow food at the 40et8 this weekend. Sorry for any inconvenience, but I don’t want to put any of my people or me in harms way. We WILL be there the 28th and the 1st with The Dirty Mac and Wings and all other favorites!! Thanks for understanding. Stay warm and safe throughout this Snowmageddon! Ka-Kah!!

Congratulations, by the way, to Paul from the Dirty Crow, who learned this weekend that he’s going to be a grandfather.

That’s it for today. Going to take another day off from going out and get some completed articles in the queue for Medium this week. Back tomorrow with more news, if there is any.