Tuesday update

County health officials got grilled by the County Commission yesterday about some of their actions last week. Of course, it was bad that they let over 1000 doses of COVID-19 vaccine expire, but I’m also very happy Commissioners called SCHD out on what they did to the restaurants last Friday. The day after the Boil Water order was issued, Dr. Bruce Randolph said that in combination with pandemic regulations, all restaurants had to close. Then, about 2 hours later, he reversed that statement and said restaurants that could boil water and make it safe for food preparation could stay open. But by that time, restaurants had sent all their employees home and canceled reservations for the day.

It seems to me, that after 11 months of troubled times, the health department’s default value ought to be “how can we work with restaurants?” rather than “how can we further penalize restaurants?” Commissioner Mick Wright: “All I can do is ask the Health Department to be cognizant that when you say something … that it has real-world consequences for many people.” THANK YOU Mick! That needed to be said.

As for the vaccines, I’d like to ask a question that has not been asked enough: All the vaccination sites are drive-through. How does that not discriminate against people who do not own vehicles? And since a disproportionate number of people who don’t own vehicles are poor and/or people of color, how is that not racial and economic discrimination?

The DM has a look at the life of Bobby Ellis, who started working at the Rendezvous at age 13 and remained with the restaurant until his death yesterday at age 66.

From SI.com: Grizzlies returning to grit-and-grind roots in Ja Morant era

MLGW does not yet have a timeframe for lifting the Boil Water order, but they have crews working around the clock. I still don’t have heat but the sun beating through my big south-facing windows has warmed my place up to about 65. Actually I have south-southwest facing windows, because the Downtown core does not run on a true north-south grid.

Action News 5 has a list of government buildings closed today due to the water situation.

Fox 13 reports that the water crisis is affecting those jailed at 201 Poplar. Can’t flush the shitters at 44 PSI. A 5000 gallon water truck is assisting.

Tigers basketball is back following a COVID-19 outbreak. Penny is looking to reschedule Quadrant 1 games at Wichita State and Houston in hopes of improving Memphis’ chance for an invitation to the NCAA tournament.

Elmwood Cemetery is offering an encore of its popular African-American history tour tonight at 7. The one-hour tour will highlight African-Americans laid to rest at the cemetery, including doctors, lawyers, saints, politicians, and musicians. The tour will be hosted on Zoom and the cost is $10.

That’s the news for today. Off to work, then home to write something on Medium and listen to podcasts. I don’t plan to go out today. Back tomorrow with more news.