Sunday update

First of all, check the blog and plan accordingly for this afternoon and evening. As you’ve probably already noticed, it’s quite windy outside and will remain that way all day, with gusts to 25 MPH. Current temperature is 71 and it’s expected to remain right around there all day. I’m debating whether or not to turn the air on. There’s a small chance of rain in the morning and early afternoon. Late afternoon into the evening heavy rain and thunderstorms are expected. Memphis is expected to get around 2 inches of rain, and because of the recently-melted snowfall, the ground is already saturated. We are under a flood watch. Memphis is in the southwest corner of the area expected to get 2-inches-plus of rain, which covers the northwest half of Tennessee and nearly all of Kentucky and good ole West Virginny.

Pro tip I learned yesterday: If you have prescriptions, you might want to look into Amazon Pharmacy. A friend of mine moved his prescription there after finding that the refill that was $30 at Walgreens was $1.42 on Amazon. Prescription medicine has got to be the biggest racket there is. I would be surprised if the Mafia doesn’t have a piece of the business in some way.

Another piece of inside information I learned yesterday: The Downtown Family Dollar may be closing, as in, employees are openly discussing which store they’ll be transferred to.

The Washingtonian has a tell-all by employees who worked at the Trump Hotel that is good for a little Sunday entertainment if you haven’t seen it already. Trump’s standard order was a well-done steak with ketchup, and if anyone at the table had a bigger steak than he did, staff would hear about it.

“How to Spot a Narcissist by the Food They Order” – hey, I think I just came up with an article title for Medium this week.

Here’s a link to James Aycock’s excellent COVID Week in Review analysis. I’ll repeat a plea James makes at the end of his thread – Lifeline2Success needs donations, after their vehicles’ catalytic converters were stolen off their lot this weekend. This is an awesome organization that helps ex-offenders find the path to success in life.

Super excited to try Freshly chef-prepared meals this week thanks to two wonderful friends who ran out of space in their freezer. Homestyle chicken is my dinner plan for today. Later this week, I’ll have beef Bolognese, a steak burrito, chicken rice pilaf, and three-bean turkey chili. It’ll be nice to have a break from “whatever DGX has in the freezer” for my dinner menu this week.

By the way… I can’t remember if I mentioned this on here or not, but I’ve been doing a daily gratitude practice since late December. The dinners are an example of the random good tidings that have been showing up in my life since I started the practice.

Now that really is going to turn into an article on Medium.

The Dirty Crow Inn’s pop-up restaurant is back at the 40et8 in West Memphis today. The special is the Dirty Mac burger, with two all-beef patties, special sauce, lettuce, cheese, pickles, onions on a non-sesame seed bun.

Normally this wouldn’t be newsworthy on my blog because I don’t care about movies, but the Golden Globe Awards are on NBC tonight. Anything that’s a return to normalcy is something I can support.

Tigers on national TV alert: Memphis vs. Cincinnati, noon today, ESPN.

The Grizzlies play today as well, with a 7 PM tipoff at Houston.

Shall we set odds on whether Dr. Haushalter will appear at any more of the 4 upcoming Tuesday-Thursday press conferences during the remaining 15 days she is employed by Shelby County? 2.5 to 1 sounds about right. If she doesn’t show, I wonder which Health Department employee will get thrown under the bus to answer media questions?

I’ll skip the Buy Me a Coffee link today so as not to compete with James’ call for donations to Lifeline2Success. It’s his birthday weekend. Back tomorrow with more news, if there is any.