Tuesday update

Great news: If you’re 16 and up and a resident of Memphis, you are eligible for a COVID vaccine beginning Friday.

Other than feeling like someone punched me in the arm, I had no additional side effects from Sunday’s COVID vaccine yesterday. I had plenty of energy and the workday seemed to fly by.

I stepped out to the Silly Goose for some drankity dranks after work and snapped a photo of their new spring/summer cocktail menu:

A new Henry Turley development, Orleans Station, will bring residential and retail space to an area bordered by Victorian Village to the north, The Edge District to the south, and the medical/university district to the east. Their goal is 372 units to live in and 16,000 square feet of retail in an under-used area that is part of the gateway to Downtown.

I’m now getting ads from Family Dollar saying “come see us at 831 Thomas Street.” I guess they’re trying to retain their Downtown customers. Not much chance they’ll see me at the Thomas St. store, but I guarantee you one thing, if I do get down there I’ll swing by the Pirtle’s on that block for some chicken.

ESPN has an article re-seeding the remaining 16 NCAA tournament teams. Houston comes in at number 9 and Arkansas at 10. Houston’s next opponent, Syracuse, is ranked number 8 in the re-seeding, while Arkansas’s got-next Oral Roberts is number 11.

The folks at FiveThirtyEight think the slipper fits perfectly for Oral Roberts. As a Razorbacks fan, I hope they’re wrong.

Two upsets in the tournament yesterday:

  • #7 Oregon 95, #2 Iowa 80
  • #6 USC 85, #3 Kansas 51

Daaaayum. What happened to the Jayhawks?

The CA’s Jennifer Chandler has a look at what to expect at By the Brewery, a new cafe that is literally by the brewery at 496 Tennessee Street. The owner has over 30 years of catering experience and this is her first brick-and-mortar restaurant. The menu is heavy on biscuit sandwiches for breakfast, and sandwiches and salads for lunch.

There’s a unit for sale in the Goodwyn Building at Second and Madison. Nice views, good investment, and a very short walk to Paula & Raiford’s.

It’s National Chip and Dip Day. My recommendation would be the chorizo queso at Maciel’s.

From FOX 13: Downtown residents ask for stronger police presence on Riverside Drive. Agree one million percent.

Richard Janikowski has passed away. That’s a name most of you probably don’t recognize but an important one in Memphis history. He was a criminologist and data scientist at the University of Memphis who was one of the architects of the Memphis Police Department’s Blue C.R.U.S.H. data-driven method of fighting crime.

If you’ve ever thought about signing up for NBC’s Peacock Network, here’s a sign-up link where you can get your first 4 months for $2.50 a month, which is 50% off. The reason they’re offering this deal is that they just signed a deal with WWE to carry all the WWE Network’s content. Even if you hate wrestling, this is a great way to stream movies, TV shows, and sports for a bargain price.

That’s it for now. Wet morning, windy afternoon. Despite temps in the 60s it looks like a PBR hoodie kind of day. At least that way, I can simply point when the bartender asks my order. Not that she doesn’t know by now anyway. Back tomorrow with more news.