Saturday update

Let’s start off this Saturday post with an edition of “Don’t be THAT person.”

It’s not hard to find restaurant menus these days. Many restaurants have their own websites. Photos of restaurant menus can often be found on Facebook or Yelp. If they partner with UberEats or DoorDash, you may be able to find their menu on there.

The great thing about technology is that you don’t have to guess which of the websites just named you’ll find the restaurant menu. Just pull up Google and type in “(restaurant name) menu”.

The point is, there’s really no excuse these days for calling a restaurant and telling whoever answers, “I haven’t been there before. What chall got on the menu?”

Don’t be THAT person.


Dixie Carter is more famous than Penny Hardaway? That’s a judgment call I might have to disagree with. I bet if Penny wasn’t the head coach at his own alma mater, he might have been given the nod here.

And yeah, Jerry Jones… owner of the Dallas Cowboys, but also a member of the undefeated Arkansas 1964 football team that should have been the national champions that year.

Huey’s is hiring, as are most restaurants.

Huey’s is hiring! We’re looking for cooks, managers, servers, hosts, food runners and expeditors (expo). Full-time and part-time positions are available at all nine of our locations. We offer competitive pay, flexible hours in a variety of shifts, a free meal during each shift and more.
Visit to apply today!

I’ve known many people who work/worked for Huey’s. It’s corporate enough to have the advantages of being corporate, yet not so corporate that it isn’t any fun.

There will be a bicycle tour of historic Elmwood Cemetery at 2 PM next Saturday, April 3.

Breaking: COVID vaccine appointments at sites run by the city are canceled today due to the possibility of severe weather.

Beverly Cleary, the children’s author who gave the world Henry Huggins, Ribsy, Beezus, and Ramona, has died at 104.

That’s the news for today. This has been a weird week but overall there’s been more good weird in my life than bad weird. I really should stay home and write today but I think I’ll celebrate the end of the week at Bardog. Back tomorrow with more news.