Today would have been Wine Race day update

WREG reports that a car crashed into a building at Second and Peabody Place around 9:00 last night. It looks like the car crashed into the entrance of the ServiceMaster/Terminix building. A reporter on the scene speculated that the crash may have been the end result of a police chase.

There was also a report of multiple gunshots fired in the “raceway” that is Beale between Front and Riverside a little after midnight. But then, that’s every weekend now, isn’t it?

Jaren Jackson Jr. will sit out today’s game at Portland to rest up, following two big performances in his return last week.

James Aycock’s COVID Week-in-Review is particularly excellent this week. He hit the nail on the head – mass vaccination sites are effective for about 1/3 of the population. For another third, however, we must build relationships and meet people where they are re: getting the vaccine. This is the only way we’re going to get to herd immunity.

Black Lives Matter Memphis is holding a Protest for All Black Lives today at the National Civil Rights Museum at 1 PM. It is an event to stand in solidarity with Columbus, Knoxville, and other communities terrorized by police action.

Memphis Modern Market happens at Loflin Yard beginning at 11. Art, goods, and vintage products by local artists and makers. Also, Grassfire Bluegrass Band plays there at noon.

That’s it for now. Slow news day. Back tomorrow with more.