Tuesday update

Good morning! Today is Star Wars Day, but around these parts it’s the day of the Twitter embeds. I didn’t plan it that way. It just happened. If your work blocks Twitter and you’re reading this on a work computer, might want to disconnect your phone from Wi-Fi for a minute and pull up this post there to get the full effect.

Photo and story from FOX 13:

From the DMC:

A look at the City Council:

I’ll say it again… I betcha anything Dr. Jeff Warren, who’s on the COVID task force, was responsible for that stupid rule a couple of health directives ago that bartenders wear a full face shield as well as a mask. Fortunately that was turned into a recommendation after only 4 weeks.

From WREG: BBQ Fest will kick off a smaller Memphis in May this year. BBQ Fest is May 12-15. Tickets must be purchased in advance and masks will be required. The festival will have fewer teams and will be more spread out to allow for social distancing. Many teams, mine included, are taking the year off.

From the CA: Developer Tom Intrator is seeking outside investors for his planned redevelopment of the Pinch District

A loss to the NY Knicks last night dropped the Grizzlies to 9th place in the West, a half-game back of Golden State. Remember, 7th-8th place teams only have to win once in the play-in series; 9th-10th place teams have to win twice. So Memphis really needs to claw its way back. Got next: 7 PM Wednesday at Minnesota.

It’s Opening Night at the Redbirds. Tonight, as will be the case every Tuesday this season, your ticket includes a free order of Ballpark Nachos. Upgrade them to BBQ Nachos for a small surcharge. The opponent tonight is the Durham Bulls. I’ll try to cover Redbirds promotions daily on this blog, but if you want a complete list for this homestand, OurSportsCentral has it.

From the CA: The Redbirds want to make summer feel normal

A Beale Street cover charge is under discussion once again.

From Local 24: Memphis is seeing more hotel bookings than other cities. “Kevin Kern” of Memphis Tourism is quoted.

David Sweat of the Health Department indicated that the upcoming health directive will be discussed in this week’s COVID task force press conferences. I wonder if we’ll hear anything about it today? I have a feeling that the change I want to see the most, completely unrestricted bar seating, won’t happen as soon as the next directive. I hope I’m wrong.

Back tomorrow with more news.