Friday update

If anyone is missing a puppy, mostly white with a brown-and-white face, the folks at Walking Pants Curiosities on G.E. Patterson have him. It’s believed he may live near Bluff City Coffee and the Feelin’ Memphis gift shop.

YOUR. MEMPHIS. GRRRRRRRRRIZZLIES have a rematch at Golden State tonight, winner gets the 8 seed in the Western Conference tournament. There will be a watch party at Fourth Bluff Park tonight. Tip-off is 8 PM.

From the MBJ: “Jack of All Trades” Kim Derryberry opens South Main Nutrition

There will be a flea market near the Pyramid at 115 Jackson Saturday, July 17. $50 vendor fee and $5 admission.

Wiseacre releases another new beer tomorrow at its taprooms, this one a German rauchbier (smoked beer). It’s made with malted barley over an open flame and its name is The Return of Dr. Gibbler.

Private club The Pocket is hiring servers, bartenders, and bussers.

SOB Downtown is hiring a server.

Quench, the liquor store on Second, is hiring. Must be able to work weekends, nights, and holidays.

The Downtown Memphis Commission is hiring Blue Suede Brigade members.

Restaurant owners who survived the pandemic: Free money!

If you’re curious whether you’ve ever had COVID 19, Downtown Walgreens is selling do-it-at-home antigen tests. They’re by the cash register.

Chinese Connection Dub Embassy plays Carolina Watershed tonight at 8.

Turnstyles plays Momma’s tonight at 7.

There will be a wedding pop-up shop at the Deluxe Arcade building, 10 N. Second, tomorrow starting at 9 AM.

That’s it for today. Tomorrow I’ll be back with more news.