Saturday update



The Memphis Grizzlies are such a magnanimous group of gentlemen. They decided, with San Francisco being close to lifting its pandemic rules, that Draymond Green deserved a little extra time off to enjoy things getting back to normal. So they engineered a 117-112 overtime victory in the second play-in game, stealing the 8 seed in the West and sending the Golden State Warriors to the NBA draft lottery.

The Grizzlies advance to play 1 seed Utah. The first two games will be on the road:

  • Sunday, 8:30 PM, TNT
  • Wednesday, 9:00 PM, TNT

Jeeeeezzzzz y’all are killing me with those start times! Can we award Flagstaff, Arizona and Billings, Montana expansion teams and move Memphis to the Eastern Conference to balance things out?

Okay, one more comment and then I’ll move on to today’s news:

Ja > Steph

Let’s have a look at what I had for lunch yesterday:

I made my first visit to Sugar Grits in the Peabody Place building on Second Street. I ordered the Charleston Cheddar Grits: Cheddar cheese stone-ground yellow grits with blackened shrimp and chicken andouille sausage. This was delicious and one of the best meals out I have had in a long time! The shrimp were huge and plentiful. Also, I appreciated that the gravy didn’t entirely cover the cheddar grits, so that I could get a taste of them by themselves. Excellent food, excellent service, would and will dine there again!

Sugar Grits serves grits by Grit Girl: Stone ground yellow grits, stone ground rice grits, red popcorn grits, blue popcorn grits, and blackeyed pea grits. Their menu says you can get some to take home with you. Grits are one of those foods, along with asparagus and mac & cheese, that I couldn’t stand as a child but that I love as an adult.

File this one under ARE YOU F’ING KIDDING ME: With the I-40 bridge closed for repair, TDOT has announced I-55 lanes and ramps will be closed for re-striping next week. The Crump and Metal Museum Drive exits will be affected. Government bureaucracy at its finest. You’d think some supervisor with an intellect slightly greater than that of a pigeon would have thought, “Hey, maybe this is not the best time”!

Cool website I found yesterday: Social distancing in a world of memes. Oh, how I could have used the “Sermon Response Kit” meme to post on the Facebook timeline of the preachy-preachy “health experts” who thought I was irresponsible for going out to bars during Phase II.

The Orpheum will renovate The Broadway Club, its private donor lounge. Want to get in? Donate $1500 or more. You get free wine and private restrooms at shows.

The lost dog I mentioned at the beginning of yesterday’s post has been reunited with his owners.

It’s Bitcoin Pizza Day, the 11th anniversary of the first time cryptocurrency was used to pay for goods. A Florida man paid 10,000 bitcoin for 2 pizzas. If he’d held on to his cryptocurrency, he’d be worth $366 million today.

(insert Red Forman “Dumbass” meme here)

WREG asked a civil engineer, how bad was the I-40 bridge crack, really? His answer was that it could have been very bad and shutting the bridge down was completely responsible and not an overblown reaction.

I had to check the calendar to make sure it wasn’t April 1 when I read this: The Pink Palace Museum will change its name to MoSH.

DJ Superbrad spins ’80s tunes at the Blind Bear tonight beginning at 9 PM.

Memphis Legends: Honoring Memphis Hot Rod History happens this weekend at Edge Motor Museum over on Marshall. They’ll have a rockabilly band tonight, food trucks all weekend, a Sunday church service, and demonstrations including chopping the top of a ’50 Mercury.

Enjoy merengue tonight for the kickoff of the Latin Dance Series at Fourth Bluff. Cat’s Ballroom instructors will teach the class.

My plan for today begins with sitting at the bar at Bardog! SITTING AT THE BAR. Not sitting at a table next to the bar, because you can’t catch COVID if you’re sitting at a table. Not crowding 8 of us regulars into the corner booth, because you can’t catch COVID in the corner booth. THE BAR. Back tomorrow with more news.