Sunday update

Brrrr! It was downright chilly yesterday morning standing outside Bardog waiting for them to unlock the door. You know, on the last weekend in May, when I get dressed, I don’t even consider whether I should wear shorts. I just put them on. Yesterday I might shoulda had that mental discussion.

The high yesterday was a full 25 degrees below normal. In May it’s a lot more typical to see highs in the 90s than in the 60s.

Now. Those of you who are true weather nerds should have noticed something else very interesting in that graphic. See it?

This month, the daily normal highs and lows were updated to reflect 1991-2020 rather than 1981-2010. Yesterday was May 29 and the normal high was 86. Previously we didn’t see a normal of 86 until June 1. The world is getting warmer… of course, it could be more of a Memphis thing, with the “concrete island” effect.

I’ve been asked to weigh in with an opinion on this blog. As things return to normal post-pandemic, more and more restaurants are posting notice that a gratuity, usually 20%, will be automatically added to each check.

My opinion on that practice? I think it is EXCELLENT, it ensures that our service industry workers are fairly compensated, and it doesn’t bother me one bit because I always tip that much or more anyway.

When I go out, I tend to be a keen observer of people, and so many times recently I have seen people write “$0.00” on the tip line of their credit card receipt. I’ve also seen plenty of people do something like round a $58 tab up to $60, which doesn’t even cover the taxes the server has to pay on that tab.

So yeah, I’m fine with auto-gratting. The people who object to the practice can vote with their feet and not frequent businesses that implement it.

Here’s a link to results from yesterday’s Great American River Run.

The Rusty Pieces play Blind Bear tonight at 7. I like that start time! has a review of Rizzo’s by Michael Patrick. That food looks incredible!

The Downtown Sheraton is hiring a Human Resources Director.

Fact I learned from today’s Morning Brew newsletter: Memorial Day did not become a federal holiday until 1971.

Mike Conley and the Utah Jazz beat Memphis last night at FedExForum, 121-111, to take a 2-1 edge in the series. The Grizzlies will try to even it up tomorrow night.

Tune into ESPN2 at 2 this afternoon for the finals of the SEC baseball tournament: Tennessee vs. Arkansas. Well crap, Max’s doesn’t open until 4:30. Where am I going to watch the game?

I’ve been continuing to nerd out on the Creme de Memph blog about the history of Memphis. This post about the history of Mud Island has some fantastic historical maps of Downtown. Here are some things I learned:

  • Prior to the construction of St. Jude, the portion of Jackson in The Pinch District (running from Front to Third) really did connect to the portion of Jackson east of Thomas.
  • Prior to the construction of Danny Thomas Blvd., Lauderdale was the major north-south thoroughfare in that area. Just north of Madison, Wellington split off from Lauderdale and the two streets made up U.S. 51, with Wellington one-way south and Lauderdale one-way north from the split to Beale Street.
  • Wellington, Lauderdale, and Madison bordered a park called Edison Park, named for one of Memphis’ famous former residents (he was a telegraph operator here 1865-66). The park has been wiped out by Danny Thomas Blvd. and its exits onto Madison.
  • Riverside Drive ended at Jefferson prior to the construction of I-40, although there was a street called Promenade Street running south from Poplar in approximately its location.
  • Vollintine used to extend all the way west a block or two past Danny Thomas. I vaguely remember that section still being Vollintine when I was in college. It’s called T.M. Henderson now.
  • There used to be a number of streets that ran WNW-ESE in the area east of The Pinch. On the 1870 map in my apartment lobby, one of those streets is named “Bull Run.” Most of those streets have been wiped off the map by St. Jude construction and expansion, but Alabama Ave. remains.

Grassfire Bluegrass Band plays Loflin Yard today at 12.

The Smokin’ Jays play Carolina Watershed at 2.

That’s the news for today. I plan to return to Bardog for brunch at 11, find somewhere showing the Arkansas baseball game, then catch the Rusty Pieces at 7. The MWN forecast is for 75 today, so wearing shorts will make a lot more sense.

MAYBE back tomorrow with more news, depending on the time I have to post and the urgency of whatever news comes in. Y’all know I like to spend my Monday holidays at Bardog, which will open at 8. So it may be Tuesday before I have time to post.