Monday update

I did not go out for brunch yesterday, but about 12:20 I took a walk around Downtown. There was a line of at least 40 people waiting to get into Sage! I knew a line developed right at 11 right when they opened, but I had no idea it persisted throughout the day! Good for them. It’s fantastic to see a great local business thrive post-pandemic regulations. Maybe I’ll have to grab lunch at Sage one day this week, although it looks like I need to figure out when the place is not busy.

Things on the blog look good for this week. We’re finally going to get a break from the rain, and our air conditioners will be happy to hear we’re going to get a break from the humidity as well. After a weekend of dewpoints in the 75-80 range, they’re going to drop into the 60s and maybe even the 50s by midweek. That’ll make being outside downright pleasant.

In yesterday’s blog, I mentioned that on Thursday, July 1, the Blind Bear would have a drag show hosted by Holly Walnutz. That’s not all that will happen at the Bear that evening. At 9:30 PM they will have Drag Bingo hosted by Pattie O’ Furniture. You’ve seen Pattie host bingo at Downtown spots like Oshi and Atomic Rose. Now you can catch her at the Bear!

From the DM: Mud Island renovations hit supply chain problems, cash delays. The city is waiting on $4 million in funding to renovate the amphitheater. City Council member Martavius Jones proposed emergency funding to get the monorail running again, but it was voted down 1-10.

Interesting read: The tyranny of time

It’s Flag Day, National Bourbon Day, and the Trumpster’s 75th birthday.

The Memphis Railroad & Trolley Museum in Central Station has reopened.

The Memphis Vegan Festival will happen in Fourth Bluff Park this coming Sunday from noon to 5. There will be live music, vegan food, and a marketplace featuring vegan items. Note that most vendors will take only electronic payments, so plan accordingly.

That’s the news for this post. Back tomorrow with more.