Friday update

Bad news for Memphis 901 FC. Their goalkeeper, John Berner, went down with an injury late in Wednesday’s game. It’s been confirmed that Berner ruptured his Achilles and will need surgery. That’ll be the end of his 2021 season.

Hospitality HUB will have the groundbreaking ceremony for its new facility at 590 Washington this Monday, June 21, at 10:00 AM. The public is invited to come out and learn more about this facility, which will include

  • The region’s first barrier-free shelter for women
  • A 25,000 square foot day plaza
  • A 6000 square foot intake center to host the HUB’s programs
  • Three outdoor green spaces for clients and staff

The Gray Canary had its first off-menu course and cocktail dinner this week and it was said to be a hit. The next one will be Wednesday, July 21 at 6 PM and you can use Resy to sign up or call 901-249-2932.

Yesterday I reported that laws are being passed to fight the recent rash of thefts of catalytic converters… hours later, I got an email from a resident of South Line Apartments saying her catalytic converter had been cut off. When she started her car, at first she thought she’d parked next to someone who had modified their car to make it super loud… then she realized it was her car.

As your #1 source of news and information about The Edge District, it’s my pleasure to provide a link to take you back in time – to the 1990s, when a nightclub in The Edge was as close to New York as it got. DJ David the Worm recently celebrated 6/16 Day by compiling the music of legendary nightclub Six-1-Six and sharing memories with Wilbur. Listen here.

A Nashville news station reports that alligators and cougars are expanding into Tennessee. A 7-foot gator was spotted near the Wolf River in Fayette County in May 2018. Several cougars were active in South Main and the Downtown core in the middle of the 2010s decade.

Sad to hear of the death of Frank Bonner, who played radio station sales manager Herb Tarlek in WKRP in Cincinnati 1978-1q82 and in a restart of the series 1991-1993. A snazzy dresser and a man of impeccable ethics, Herb has left us to be reunited with The Big Guy.

From the Flyer: Two Memphians made their own tequila called Disbelief.

Juneteenth Shop Black will happen in Fourth Bluff Park this Saturday. Over 50 Black-owned businesses will be on site selling everything from artwork to clothing.

Central Station Hotel is prominently featured in Forbes article All Aboard in Train Stations Turned Hotels.

Today is International Sushi Day.

Irish dance production Celtic Throne comes to the Orpheum Tuesday, June 24.

Phase 2 of the repairs on the I-40 bridge is underway.

If you don’t mind a drive out to East Bumblefuck, a balloon jamboree is happening this weekend.

The movie Clue is showing at Elmwood’s Cemetery Cinema tonight. 8:30 start time. Tickets are $17.

Keep your eye on a potential tropical system in the Gulf. If it organizes into a tropical storm it will be named Claudette. It’s currently projected to go east of Memphis but if the path changes, it could bring us some rain.

I’ll be out at the usual spots this afternoon. Back tomorrow with more news.