Friday update

Bad news for Memphis 901 FC. Their goalkeeper, John Berner, went down with an injury late in Wednesday’s game. It’s been confirmed that Berner ruptured his Achilles and will need surgery. That’ll be the end of his 2021 season.

Hospitality HUB will have the groundbreaking ceremony for its new facility at 590 Washington this Monday, June 21, at 10:00 AM. The public is invited to come out and learn more about this facility, which will include

  • The region’s first barrier-free shelter for women
  • A 25,000 square foot day plaza
  • A 6000 square foot intake center to host the HUB’s programs
  • Three outdoor green spaces for clients and staff

The Gray Canary had its first off-menu course and cocktail dinner this week and it was said to be a hit. The next one will be Wednesday, July 21 at 6 PM and you can use Resy to sign up or call 901-249-2932.

Yesterday I reported that laws are being passed to fight the recent rash of thefts of catalytic converters… hours later, I got an email from a resident of South Line Apartments saying her catalytic converter had been cut off. When she started her car, at first she thought she’d parked next to someone who had modified their car to make it super loud… then she realized it was her car.

As your #1 source of news and information about The Edge District, it’s my pleasure to provide a link to take you back in time – to the 1990s, when a nightclub in The Edge was as close to New York as it got. DJ David the Worm recently celebrated 6/16 Day by compiling the music of legendary nightclub Six-1-Six and sharing memories with Wilbur. Listen here.

A Nashville news station reports that alligators and cougars are expanding into Tennessee. A 7-foot gator was spotted near the Wolf River in Fayette County in May 2018. Several cougars were active in South Main and the Downtown core in the middle of the 2010s decade.

Sad to hear of the death of Frank Bonner, who played radio station sales manager Herb Tarlek in WKRP in Cincinnati 1978-1q82 and in a restart of the series 1991-1993. A snazzy dresser and a man of impeccable ethics, Herb has left us to be reunited with The Big Guy.

From the Flyer: Two Memphians made their own tequila called Disbelief.

Juneteenth Shop Black will happen in Fourth Bluff Park this Saturday. Over 50 Black-owned businesses will be on site selling everything from artwork to clothing.

Central Station Hotel is prominently featured in Forbes article All Aboard in Train Stations Turned Hotels.

Today is International Sushi Day.

Irish dance production Celtic Throne comes to the Orpheum Tuesday, June 24.

Phase 2 of the repairs on the I-40 bridge is underway.

If you don’t mind a drive out to East Bumblefuck, a balloon jamboree is happening this weekend.

The movie Clue is showing at Elmwood’s Cemetery Cinema tonight. 8:30 start time. Tickets are $17.

Keep your eye on a potential tropical system in the Gulf. If it organizes into a tropical storm it will be named Claudette. It’s currently projected to go east of Memphis but if the path changes, it could bring us some rain.

I’ll be out at the usual spots this afternoon. Back tomorrow with more news.

Thursday update

The new Ghost River Beer Garden location is now hiring. They’re looking for bartenders, servers, hosts, and door people. It’s a beautiful atmosphere and no late nights. You can apply in person at 345 Beale.

South Main Sounds, home of great music by talented songwriters, at 550 S. Main will be closed for a couple of weeks for maintenance and drain pipe repair.

Popular music series Soulin’ on the River returns tomorrow night with Tonya Dyson performing at the Grove on Mud Island.

Queen Ann Hines & The Royal Gents play the Blind Bear tonight at 8.

Loflin Yard will have a Best Dad Ever brunch this Sunday for Father’s Day.

Infectious disease experts say that if you’re not vaccinated, you’re at considerably more risk than they thought two weeks ago. It’s because the Delta variant of COVID, which crippled India a few months ago, is now spreading in the United States.

If you want to do something about that, you can… get a free shot and get a free beer at Wiseacre’s ribbon-cutting ceremony Downtown today 4-7.

A new law will aid in prosecution of catalytic converter thieves. Catalytic converters have been stolen from cars in Downtown parking garages as well as parking lots in The Edge in recent years.

GREAT NEWS: Memphis 901 FC supporter Magan Hall pre-gamed at the Brass Door and attended the team’s match at AutoZone Park last night. It was her first live soccer match since beating cancer for the second time.

Catch the movie Toy Story for free at Mud Island’s Greenbelt Park this evening. The crowd will begin to gather at 7:30 with movie time at 8. If you get hungry, Gandy’s Grub Huh food truck will be onsite, or you can pregame at Mud Island’s restaurants.

President Biden is expected to sign a bill making Juneteenth a federal holiday.

That’s today’s news. Back tomorrow with more.

Wednesday update

The sign is gone! Don’t worry, Downtown Walgreens is still open. I went in and purchased a package of Chips Ahoy (on sale for $1.99 this week if you’re a myWalgreens member) to verify.

Prior to the pandemic, I had heard there was potentially some money in place to renovate and upgrade Downtown Walgreens. I wonder if this is the beginning of that process.

Disco is back. The Daily Memphian interviewed Paula Raiford about disco as a brand, why she closed completely throughout the pandemic, and her plans for the future now that “Let’s go disco!” is once again an option.

Developers have until August 31 to respond to a Request for Proposals (RFP) for the redevelopment of the 37-story 100 N. Main building as well as the block on which it stands. Preference will be given to proposals that retain the current structures, but demolition will also be considered. WREG has a look inside the building and how fast it fell into disrepair.

After 8 years of restricting distribution to Shelby County, Memphis Made Brewing Co. is heading east. DET Distributing Co. will get their beer into Fayette County and even all the way to Jackson.

Memphis 901 FC has its first home match of the season this evening. They’ll play Atlanta United 2 at 7:30. First 901 fans to purchase tickets through the team’s website can get them for $3. As always, supporter squad the Bluff City Mafia will pre-game at the Brass Door and march over together. Fox 13 has a look at COVID protocols in place for those attending the game.

Doug Emhoff, the husband of Vice-President Kamala Harris who is known as the Second Gentleman, will be in Memphis tomorrow to promote local vaccination efforts. Shelby County trails the national average in percent of the population vaccinated. With the Delta strain (the one that caused so many hospitalizations in India) now being found in our community, that could be a problem.

President Biden meets with Russian President Vladimir Putin in Geneva today. I bet that meeting won’t be as much fun for Putin as meeting with U.S. presidents the past 4 years has been.

I can’t believe I’m typing this, but I’m excited to experience karaoke at the Blind Bear tonight. I’ve been there once before, but I had started happy hour at 1:15 that afternoon and karaoke began at 9, so needless to say I won’t remember much. Tonight I’m setting 7:00 for my going-out time so I can experience the event in all its glory. Back tomorrow with more news.

Tuesday update

Downtowners: We have a chance this week to help a local make it big. Shannon Bailey started working at Rizzo’s a couple of months ago and quickly impressed Chef Michael Patrick with her passion for food.

Recently, one of Shannon’s Instagram posts was liked by Jill’s Inspiration Kitchen (website) (Instagram) based in Billings, Montana. Jill invited Shannon to come out to Montana and share her culinary point-of-view on Jill’s show.

Of course, travel costs money, so Thursday, June 17 Rizzo’s is going to do a fundraiser for Shannon’s expenses. For $25 (cash preferred) you’ll get to try what Shannon will cook on the show:

  • Bayou Bourbon shrimp and grits
  • Banana bread Foster’s bread pudding

For $7 more you can add a specialty smoky cocktail. Come out and help support a Memphian making a name for herself in the world of food.

If you enjoy a good shitshow and you haven’t looked at the Rec Room’s Facebook page in the past 36 hours, do it now. Wait, read the rest of this post then go take a look, because once you do you’ll be down the rabbit hole for a good while. I’ve said it before on this blog, and I’ll say it again: You are who you associate with.

The New Wing Order food truck makes a rare appearance Downtown today. They’ll do dinner service at the High Cotton taproom from 4 to 7 PM. Their special this month is Memphis Mumbo wings. Mumbo sauce is sweet and sour. It originated in Chicago and is a staple in Washington. D.C. I wonder if the Trumpster ever ordered 32 mumbo wings to eat in the Oval Office during his time as president?

Hearing that some Downtown restaurants are not taking same-day reservations anymore. Big groups of 6 to 10 have been calling places asking “can we come right now, can you hold a table for us” and then either showing up 2 hours later, or not showing up at all (because they called 2 other restaurants and made the same request). You know how bartenders and servers have to get licensed by the ABC? Sometimes I think restaurant patrons should be required to get a license too, certifying that they know how to act when they go out in public.

The 3rd Annual River City Jazz and Music Fest has been announced for the Cannon Center, Sunday, September 5. Featured artists will be

  • Damen Escobar
  • Kenny Latimore
  • Karyn White
  • Con Funk Shun
  • Julian Vaughn

From the Daily Memphian: Will we see any Grizzlies in the Olympics™? Ja didn’t make the final cut for the United States team due to a deep point-guard field. Then again, that may be a good thing – with a shorter-than-usual offseason, it will give Morant needed time to rest.

As for other countries’ Olympic™ teams, Dillon Brooks and Brandon Clarke have been invited to Team Canada’s training camp. If Lithuania can make the Olympic™ field, Jonas Valanciunas has a spot locked in at center.

In A Century of Good Eats, the CA’s Jennifer Chandler looks at Memphis’ five oldest restaurants. Two of them, the Arcade and The Little Tea Shop, are Downtown.

There’s relief for southbound I-55 traffic as it enters Memphis. TDOT added a second lane at the interchange at Crump over the weekend. Yep, I’m looking out my window watching 8 AM rush hour on the bridge and traffic is moving much faster than it did last week. Late July or August is the time frame for the reopening of the I-40 bridge.

Sign of the times: The owners of Oak Court Mall have filed for bankruptcy.

Teach901 hosts a job fair via Zoom tonight.

That’s it for today. Back tomorrow with more news.

Monday update

I did not go out for brunch yesterday, but about 12:20 I took a walk around Downtown. There was a line of at least 40 people waiting to get into Sage! I knew a line developed right at 11 right when they opened, but I had no idea it persisted throughout the day! Good for them. It’s fantastic to see a great local business thrive post-pandemic regulations. Maybe I’ll have to grab lunch at Sage one day this week, although it looks like I need to figure out when the place is not busy.

Things on the blog look good for this week. We’re finally going to get a break from the rain, and our air conditioners will be happy to hear we’re going to get a break from the humidity as well. After a weekend of dewpoints in the 75-80 range, they’re going to drop into the 60s and maybe even the 50s by midweek. That’ll make being outside downright pleasant.

In yesterday’s blog, I mentioned that on Thursday, July 1, the Blind Bear would have a drag show hosted by Holly Walnutz. That’s not all that will happen at the Bear that evening. At 9:30 PM they will have Drag Bingo hosted by Pattie O’ Furniture. You’ve seen Pattie host bingo at Downtown spots like Oshi and Atomic Rose. Now you can catch her at the Bear!

From the DM: Mud Island renovations hit supply chain problems, cash delays. The city is waiting on $4 million in funding to renovate the amphitheater. City Council member Martavius Jones proposed emergency funding to get the monorail running again, but it was voted down 1-10.

Interesting read: The tyranny of time

It’s Flag Day, National Bourbon Day, and the Trumpster’s 75th birthday.

The Memphis Railroad & Trolley Museum in Central Station has reopened.

The Memphis Vegan Festival will happen in Fourth Bluff Park this coming Sunday from noon to 5. There will be live music, vegan food, and a marketplace featuring vegan items. Note that most vendors will take only electronic payments, so plan accordingly.

That’s the news for this post. Back tomorrow with more.

Sunday update

We watched a scary moment on TV yesterday morning at Bardog. The TV was on the Euro soccer tournament, Denmark vs. Finland. At the 43rd minute I looked up and saw a player was down – there had been several injury stoppages in the first half, but this one looked more serious. The player’s teammates were circled around him, not only out of concern but to give him privacy. A medic was administering CPR.

The camera zoomed in on the teammates, and most of them had tears running down their faces, as did many of the Denmark fans. The downed player’s wife was seen crying on the sidelines, being consoled by Denmark players. Finally the downed player was wheeled off the field on a stretcher, his teammates holding sheets for privacy as they walked with the stretcher. The match was suspended.

We all thought the player had died.

I’m pleased to report there’s good news: The player, Christian Eriksen of Denmark, was awake and talking at the hospital and was awaiting further testing. After a long pause the match resumed, and Finland beat Denmark 1-0. From CNN: Here’s what was happening when Christian Eriksen collapsed

The Downtown Kooky Canuck location will celebrate its Sweet 16 all day long on Wednesday the 16th. Come celebrate 16 years of being Kooky all day long from 11 AM to 10 PM. They’ll have $2.50 happy hour drink specials 3-7 PM. Mandi Thomas-Moore & Bob will perform 6-8 PM.

The Blind Bear will have a drag show hosted by Holly Walnutz Thursday, July 1 at 8 PM. Breeze Jones and Shanice Cassadine will also be there. This could turn into a weekly event with Holly Walnutz and Savvy Duvall alternating hosting.

Still trying to figure out what’s happening at the former Kudzu’s out in The Edge. My friend who drives down Monroe on his way to Bardog reports that now there is a big dumpster out front.

Listening to the police scanner in the wee hours… some dudes rolled down their window and pointed an AK-47 at another car… then they realized it was a police car. Oops!

In other news about The Edge, it’s International Axe Throwing Day and Craft Axe Throwing in Floyd Alley is celebrating.

That’s it. Short news post today. Going to spend the rest of the day doing professional writing stuff. Back tomorrow (but it won’t necessarily be early in the morning) with more news.

Saturday update

Trolley Night returns to South Main Friday, June 25. On the last Friday of every month, the shops and galleries in the South Main Arts District stay open until 9 PM or later. Many shops put out beverages and hors d’ oeuvres for their customers, and some offer special discounts. It’s an opportunity to come mingle with your neighbors in a way the health department hasn’t allowed us to do for a year and four months.

The ribbon-cutting for Wiseacre 2 Downtown, twice postponed by the stupid pandemic restrictions, will happen Thursday, June 17 at 4 PM. There will be a DJ spinning Memphis music on vinyl, an ice cream social featuring Makeda’s/Butterific cookies, and rare beers including 2019 Astronaut Status Barrel Aged Imperial Stout. They’re working with the City of Memphis to get the mobile vaccine unit out, and if they do they’ll have a beer-and-a-shot special.

Momma’s at the corner of Crump and Kentucky is temporarily closing. Traffic on Crump has slowed to a near-standstill, due to increased traffic exiting off I-55 as I-40 bridge repairs are made. They’re going to use the time to complete renovations: a completely new parking lot, an extended patio deck, and a sign.

Momma’s will, however, be open this weekend through Sunday. Turnstyles provides the live music tonight at 7.

Yesterday I caught up with a buddy of mine who works on Presidents Island, and he said that getting from there to Downtown is quite the challenge these days given the heavy I-55 traffic. His advice to anyone following the same route is to take South Parkway to Mississippi Blvd. then turn north.

The ultimate Independence Day weekend kickoff, TRAPLIVE, comes to Carolina Watershed Saturday, July 2. Lil’ Wyte and opener Lord T & Eloise will perform, along with the TRAPLIVE band. Tickets

The remains of racist icon Nathan Bedford Forrest have been completely removed from Health Sciences Park, it was announced yesterday. Sorry, NBF, you’re not invited to Juneteenth next weekend.

Today is World Gin Day.

It was my pleasure watching the Arkansas Razorbacks whoop some NC State ass last night, winning game 1 of their NCAA baseball Super Regional 21-2. Game 2 is on ESPN2 at 2 PM Central. Hmmm I’m gonna have to figure out where to watch that, since the TV I normally watch at 2 on a Saturday will likely be on something else.

There’s Barre with Peggy Jean Craig at the Mud Island portion of Wolf River Greenway this morning at 10.

Yesterday at work, I pulled up Weatherbug on my computer and noticed the dew point was 80. That is absolutely disgusting. Fortunately the forecast has low humidity for Tuesday and Wednesday and lows in the mid 60s Thursday morning. At least relief is in sight.

Field trip: Sometime between now and July 31, head out to Memphis Botanic Garden to check out Folk Art from the collection of Downtown’s very own Judy Peiser.

Programming note: Beginning next week, I’m going to have a little more flexibility in my schedule. Because of that, some days I’m going to do morning posts and some days I’m going to return to posting in the lunchtime hour. So if you check this blog before work and don’t see a post, try again around noon or 1.

That’s it for now. Definitely skipping the farmers market today to minimize the time I spend outside in this humidity. Bardog at 11, somewhere to watch the Arkansas game at 2. Back tomorrow with more news.

Friday update: Do you miss Cocozza? Today’s your day

The Majestic Grille will feature some of the most popular dishes from Cocozza on today’s menu. Cocozza was the Italian-American kitchen that operated as a pop-up in the Majestic’s space during the pandemic. Specials today include

  • Eggplant Parmesan
  • Chicken Parmesan
  • Meatballs
  • Spinach Manicotti
  • Cheesy Garlic Bread

All of these are available for dine-in or take-out.

Music Bingo comes to Grind City Brewing Thursday, June 17 7-9 PM. Listen to the tunes you love as you mark them off on your card. Here are the details:

  • Free to play
  • Prize every round
  • Hosted by Kevin Cerrito
  • Food truck on site
  • All ages
  • If you have not been vaccinated, a mask is required

The Redbirds are throwing the biggest 4th of July party in the history of AutoZone Park Friday, July 2-Sunday, July 4. All week long there will be a Specialty Cookout Ticket. These start at just $31, and from the time the park’s gates open until an hour after the first pitch, you get unlimited hot dogs, hamburgers, chips, cookies, and up to 2 soft drinks per person. There will also be fireworks all three nights.

On Friday, July 2, the first 1000 fans through the gate receive a Redbirds Flag Trucker Hat presented by Prairie Farms. It will also be Dress Like Your Dad Night. Come dressed as your dad and have a chance to win prizes like lawn mowers, leaf blowers, and grills from Home Depot.

The fun continues Saturday, July 3, with the second of three fireworks shows that holiday weekend.

For Sunday, July 4’s game, all kids 12 and under will receive ice cream sandwiches.

In addition, the Redbirds will wear Independence Day-themed jerseys and hats all weekend. Get your tickets

As for tonight’s Redbirds game, the opponent is the Gwinnett Stripers (Atlanta Braves Triple-A club) and the first pitch is 7:10. Every ticket tonight includes a free hot dog, bag of chips, and a soda.

Starting July 1, Paula & Raiford’s Disco will add an R&B Night on Thursdays.

I just checked Weatherbug’s hourly forecast… the humidity is going to rise above the 90% mark by midnight. Yuck! The temperature will likely stay under 90 today, but the feels-like temperature will reach 300 or so.

Y’all. I’m hearing from numerous people that karaoke at the Blind Bear is really, really good. If you’ve read this blog for years, you know that I am not the biggest fan of karaoke in general, but apparently, this night is something really special. It’s hosted by DJ Superbrad and it happens every Wednesday at 9. I plan on going next Wednesday. NO I am not going to sing.

Check out this great piece on River Time Market & Deli by local writer Jennifer Jones. Bill and Pam are two of the people who make Downtown the neighborhood it is. Their sandwiches and deli offerings are fantastic.

Did you know that you can watch the July 4 fireworks display from a kayak in the Wolf River Harbor?

Comeback Coffee in The Pinch District is hiring a barista.

Oh dear Lord: There’s going to be an announcement about the removal of the Forrest remains today in Health Sciences Park. The announcement will include leaders of the Sons of Confederate Veterans.

From Penny Hardaway is attracting attention from NBA teams with head coaching vacancies.

Memphis Magazine has a tidbit about Longshot’s new menu. Soy ginger chicken and a KFC (Korean fried chicken) sandwich are standouts.

The CA reports that Capsule, a vintage clothing and shoe store, will soon open in the vacant space at 145 Madison.

In the same article, the CA reports that owners of 345 Madison (the old Stop 345 entertainment venue) are looking to turn the space into a restaurant. They’d ideally like to attract an established Memphis restaurant brand that does not yet have a Downtown presence.

StyleBlueprint has your updated guide to Harbor Town.

The Artesian at 717 Riverside has new owners, the CA reports.

Bass Pro is giving away 500 fishing rods over the next 2 weeks to introduce kids to the joy of fishing. Kids can catch their first fish (and get a certificate commemorating it) right there in the store.

You know, once a fish has been caught 40 or 50 times and thrown back, you’d think it’d learn not to trust anything on a hook. Fish are stupid.

After work my plan is happy hour at the Silly Goose, a walk south (weather permitting) to catch the first hour of the Arkansas vs. NC State Super Regional game at Max’s Sports Bar, then back north to Blind Bear to catch Pam & Terry (still not clear whether they’re playing indoors or on the patio; given the humidity I sure hope it’s indoors). Back tomorrow with more news.

Thursday update

Memphis Magazine has a look at the building of the Frisco bridge. The 1892 bridge was the original bridge that crossed the Mississippi at Memphis. It stands between the Memphis-Arkansas I-55 bridge and the Harahan bridge that is home to Big River Crossing. At the time it was built, the Frisco was the longest bridge in North America. The Arkansas side presented a particular challenge, where the land is prone to flooding for miles inland.

I heard that a bunch of teenagers attempted to hold up DGX yesterday. That was the reason for the large presence of police cars on the Main Street Mall.

The man who threatened Commissioner Tami Sawyer at Health Sciences Park, George “K-Rack” Johnson, was booked into jail yesterday on a misdemeanor assault charge.

Bar Ware will have a Party on the Patio this Sunday 3-6 PM with DJ Alpha Whiskey.

Pizza special this week at the Silly Goose:

Carbonara pizza with Old World Farms spigarello, garlic cream egg yolk Parmesan sauce, Parmesan, bacon from Black Sheep Meats, mozzarella, and garlic from Old World Farms.

Yeah, I know I hinted at a Reuben pizza this week. Brent got busy and didn’t have time to go get the cheese and the sauerkraut he needed to make that pizza. He says that will be next week’s special.

The Redbirds will have on their throwback Memphis Chicks jerseys as they host the Gwinnett Stripers tonight at 7:10. Throwback concession prices will be in effect with $2 domestic beers and $1 hot dogs.

In other Redbirds news, All-You-Can-Eat Fridays return next month. This specialty ticket, starting at $21, lets you enjoy an all-you-can-eat buffet featuring a different food item each week. You want to purchase your tickets in advance because they go up $5 the day of the game. The schedule:

  • Friday, July 16: Sliders
  • Friday, July 30: Ribs
  • Friday, August 20: Wings
  • Friday, August 27: Shells & cheese
  • Friday, September 17: Soft tacos

The Downtown Neighborhood Association has announced its monthly membership meeting for June. It’ll be at the Paramount, the new restaurant at 262 S. Front, Tuesday, June 22. Kevin Kane, president of Memphis Tourism, will speak, and there will be updates from DNA president Jerred Price. Social 5-6, presentation 6-7. Free wine and snacks for DNA members. Join DNA

My alma mater Rhodes College is adding a $3000 surcharge to the tuition of unvaccinated students.

The DNA’s weekly movie on the river has been moved to Saturday due to threat of rain. Come on out to Greenbelt Park on Saturday, June 12 to catch the classic version of Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory. Chef Sobie’s Hen House food truck will be onsite. 7:30 opening, 8:00 movie.

A bus shuttle service between Memphis and West Memphis is being worked out to ease traffic flow on the I-55 bridge.

Did you know you can take pole classes in Downtown Memphis?

That’s the news for today. Scattered storms will pop up here and there, so an umbrella is probably a good idea for one more day. Back tomorrow with more news.

Wednesday update

About 5 PM yesterday, the Redbirds sent out a press release that last night’s game had been rained out. They’ll make it up today with a doubleheader, two 7-inning games, the first to start at 5:05 PM and the second to start after the conclusion of the first.

If you’ve never been to a baseball doubleheader, it’s twice the fun for the price of one. Tickets for last night’s game will be honored. The Redbirds promotions page indicates that last night’s promotion, Nacho Average Tuesday, will proceed tonight. Get a free order of Ballpark Nachos with your ticket or get them upgraded to BBQ Nachos for a small fee.

In other baseball news: The field has been set for the NCAA Super Regionals. 16 teams remain in the playoffs, and there will be best 2-out-of-3 series played this weekend. Winners advance to the College World Series. Four of the eight sites hosting Super Regionals this weekend are SEC cities.

Comedian Hasan Minhaj plays 5 shows at the Orpheum Thursday-Saturday. He was the host of Netflix’s political comedy Patriot Act. This show will have a strict mobile phone policy: You must lock your phone in a pack where you will have it on you at all times, but will not be able to access it when in the theater. In the event of an emergency during the show, you can take the pack to an unlocking station in the lobby. Tickets are $29.50-$49.50.

Around 1 Sunday morning, a man was robbed of everything including his clothing and shoes at Fourth and Gayoso. Police think this robbery may be tied to an attempted carjacking at Gibson’s Donuts on Mt. Moriah, as well as a robbery on Cleveland in Midtown. All the robberies involved a dark-colored Chevrolet Equinox.

There will be a free lunchtime concert in The Edge this Friday from 11:30-1:30. The J. Buck Experience will perform on the lot at 607 Monroe. Grab lunch from Chef Tam’s, Slim & Husky’s, Edge Alley, Sabor Caribe, or Evelyn & Olive and bring it over, or hit up food trucks Cousins Maine Lobster and Smurfey’s Smokehouse onsite.

Another damp and soggy day, but at least the A/C will get a break as highs struggle to hit even 80. Take an umbrella. Back tomorrow with more news.