Tuesday update

I snapped this photo of the incoming nasty weather about 8:10 last night:

I tweeted the photo and tagged MemphisWeather.net, who retweeted it and said I had captured an image of a storm’s outflow boundary moving north over the I-55 bridge. About 10 minutes after I snapped this shot, we had torrential rain Downtown.

Ladies – did you marry loving, supportive, giving Dr. Jekyll, and now he has turned into cold, condescending, dismissive Mr. Hyde? Suzanna Quintana, one of my favorite fellow writers on Medium, has some insight as to what may be going on. Give her article a read and see if you see your situation mirrored in it. (If you have trouble getting past Medium’s paywall, here’s an alternate link.)

Exciting news from Pam & Terry:

HUGE NEWS ABOUT PAM AND TERRY!!!!!! We are officially moving to a NEW LOCATION ON BEALE STREET!!!!! We will start in July during the grand opening!! ——-drum roll——
GHOST RIVER BREWING!!!!!!! The first MEMPHIS brewed beer!! This venue is INCREDIBLE and geared for LIVE MUSIC


We are elated to start this new chapter of our music world.
THANK YOU our DEAR friends for all your CONTINUED love and support. I have TONS of news for you about Memphis and This exciting change.
Please stay TUNED IN.


I left a comment on their Facebook post letting them know I can’t wait to hear them in the new space, and they responded with another piece of good news: Pam & Terry play the Blind Bear this Friday night! Not sure if this will be a patio show (those usually start at 7) or an indoor show (usually start at 9 or 10). As soon as I get clarification I’ll post an update.

Suggestion to get drag racers off the streets: Instead of impounding their cars, replace their 2000s Dodge Challengers with second-generation Dodge Challengers.

The Flyer has photos from May 29’s Hoedown on Huling annual block party. It is so nice to have outdoor festivals back!

TDOT has released an animation of repairs needed on the I-40 bridge.

The Redbirds host the Gwinnett Stripers in the first game of a 6-game homestand tonight at 7:10. Free Ballpark Nachos to all who attend.

That’ll do it for today. Once again we have rain moving in from the south, so take an umbrella. Back tomorrow with more news.

Monday update

A. Schwab on Beale Street is throwing a Record Store Day launch party Saturday, June 12. Memphis Music Vinyl gets its own department at the dry-goods store.  A. Schwab has sold vinyl records since the 1930s and its museum has piano rolls that are even older. First 45 people to purchase vinyl get a record made of chocolate from Dinstuhl’s. The evening part of the event (5-7 PM) will have a $25 reserved seating ticket and will feature performances by gospel-soul artist Elizabeth King and local troubadour John Paul Keith.

From the CA: Why should people in two of Memphis’ poorest zip codes near Downtown trust the government, which tells them it is in their own and the community’s best interest to get the COVID vaccine, when government has failed them in so many other different ways?

St. Paul & The Broken Bones with opening act The MDs will perform at the second Get Loud! concert this Thursday, June 10 at Handy Park. Showtime is 6 PM and this event is free.

Lunch recommendation for this Friday: Head over to Health Sciences Park to dine outdoors or take some food back to the office, because the Smurfey’s Smokehouse food truck will be onsite. The pulled pork baked potato with Smurfey sauce and melted cheese is the best thing ever. If BBQ is not your thing, the Cousins Maine Lobster food truck will be there too. The J. Buck Experience will perform under the pavilion. Safe distancing will be required and sanitation supplies will be on hand for those of you still freaking out about COVID.

More BBQ news:

Grape. plays a free show outdoors at the Ghost River taproom Saturday from 6 to 9.

A friend of mine who takes the Union exit off 240 to get Downtown reports that there’s some exterior work happening at the former Kudzu’s in The Edge District. Anyone got the info on what is happening with that space?

That’s the news to start your week. Might want to take an umbrella with you today. There’s a nasty-looking system south of Little Rock that looks like it could show up here for the lunch hour. Back tomorrow with more news.

Sunday update

The Daily Memphian has an article about the new “part sales, part experience” shop ODDS Atelier that opened last month at 304 S. Main near Pontotoc. However, you’ll get a better idea of what they’re all about by visiting their Instagram page. They describe it as “Retail Therapy with socializing being a primary focus.”

From Local 24: Downtown Memphis is starting to feel like the hub of excitement it used to be pre-pandemic

There’s a 3 BR/2 BA condo for sale on the top floor of the Shrine Building at Front and Monroe. It ain’t cheap though. The listing neglects the most important amenity: You’d be able to walk across the street and have brunch with me at Bardog every Saturday.

The Orpheum has announced its 2021-2022 lineup for On Stage at the Halloran Centre. This performance space, much smaller than the Orpheum at 361 seats, allows you to experience the performances in an intimate setting. On Stage consists of the following series:

MemphisWeather.net forecast: It’s gonna rain. 60% chance or higher of rain every day through Thursday.

The Redbirds host the Toledo Mud Hens for the series’ final game this afternoon at 2:05. Kids 12 and under get a free ice cream sandwich from Prairie Farms. The Redbirds have tomorrow off then remain in town to host Gwinnett for six games.

The 42nd annual Blues Music Awards will be broadcast online today from 4 to 7 PM.

Heard from a bartender that the Silly Goose is considering a Reuben pizza as its pizza special for the coming week.

That’s it for today. I’ve taken the past 3 weeks off from writing professionally to enjoy post-COVID regulation life, but today it’s time to get back to it. My plan is to stay home today through Tuesday and give my writing muscle some exercise. Back tomorrow with more news.

Saturday update

If I have any readers in Childhood Development, Early Childhood Education, or a similar field, mind sticking around ’til the end of this post? I have a question that kept me awake as I lay in bed last night.

Nominations are open for the 2021 Memphis Flyer Best of Memphis poll. For those new to Memphis: There are several media “Best”/”Most” polls but the Flyer one is the most legit.

Commissioner Tami Sawyer, after 3 days, finally has an arrest warrant for the racist construction worker who has been harassing her and threatening to “beat her ass” this week.

A few of my Facebook friends in the service industry – very few, but a few – have posted comments like “that’s what she deserves” for her stance on closing restaurants at the height of the COVID pandemic.

I didn’t agree with Comm. Sawyer’s opinion on closing the restaurants either, and it’s something I will keep in mind if she runs in a city- or county-wide election in the future. But if you think she deserves to be bullied, physically threatened, and have racist epithets hurled at her – SHAME ON YOU. She does not deserve any of those things. I’m happy to have my bar stool back but there’s no way I would have ever stood with a bigot in order to obtain it. Best wishes to Comm. Sawyer on obtaining the justice she deserves.

The South Main Association is teasing a big announcement at its monthly South Main Social, Ghost River taproom, Tuesday, June 8 6 PM. Bob Keskey from Ghost River will speak, as will Matt. Marquis, and Kidd from Odds Atelier. Free for SMA members (join here), $20 for non-members.

From Deadspin: Grizzlies are closer than you think to being a part of the NBA’s upper echelon

There’s a valet parking job available Downtown with $14/hour potential.

From Insomnia Cookies:

✨it’s happening. BOGO 12-packs are going down all weekend!✨ take your summer up a notch & make one of those BOGOs an ice cream-inspired 12-pack full of new dreamy, creamy, limited-edition cookies – Rocky Road, Cookies ‘n’ Cream & Orange Creamsicle. http://bit.ly/37AV6jZ
~available in-stores & for local delivery. no code needed. exp. EOD 6/6. not available for nationwide shipping~

If you’re a manager who makes decisions on when to bring employees back to the office, read the Sidekick newsletter’s article on how employees really feel about returning to the office. There is a whole lot of truth here. Subscribe to Sidekick

Cardinals fans, you have a big reason to go see the Redbirds tonight at AutoZone Park: All-Star shortstop Paul DeJong will be in Memphis on a rehab assignment. There’s an $11 field box ticket special to welcome him back (buy tickets) and as always on Saturdays, fireworks following the game. First pitch is 6:35 and the Toledo Mud Hens are the opponent.

Pop quiz: The Mud Hens are the favorite baseball team of which fictional character? Hint: He once sang the following:

Some people like the Army
I think that it’s a mess
If it’s so damn terrific
How come I wear a dress

Answer: Corporal Maxwell Q. Klinger

Management of The Chisca Apartments recently purchased brunch at Catherine & Mary’s for all residents.

From Government Deal Funding: A history of the Hernando DeSoto Bridge/the I-40 bridge/”the new bridge”/and now the closed, cracked bridge

Kooky Canuck is closing at 10 PM, even though it can legally stay open until 3 AM, due to recent “chaotic” events Downtown.

P.J. Morton and opening act Marcella & Her Lovers headline the opening Get Loud! concert in Handy Park. The performance is free and begins at 6 PM. The 10 future Get Loud! concerts will be held on Thursdays.

Facebook has suspended the Trumpster’s account for 2 years, so you’ll have to look elsewhere for his tirades about the midterm elections.

Okay. On to my question for childhood development experts.

When I was in kindergarten, a lady named Mrs. Knutson would occasionally stop by our classroom. She wasn’t our regular teacher, but sort of a special projects teacher.

One day, she came by and passed out lumps of clay to each of us. “Today we’re finding monsters in our clay,” she said, and she told us we had 25 minutes.

I squeezed and twisted my clay this way and that, and couldn’t find any monsters. 15 minutes into the project, I was disappointed and frustrated. I’d been given some defective clay and wasn’t going to be able to do my work.

I looked around at the other kids nearby. They were sculpting their clay into monsters.

“Well, that’s not what Mrs. Knutson said to do,” I thought. But she was clearly observing the other kids, not telling them they were wrong, and in fact even giving them words of encouragement and approval.

So I built a Triceratops-looking critter out of my clay and received a gold star or a graham cracker or whatever the reward was for completing the project. In other words, I didn’t fail, although the concept of pass-fail really doesn’t exist as early as kindergarten.

My question to childhood development experts: Was that a test to see who in the class was neurotypical and who was neurodivergent? In my case, I took the instructions too literally (which could be a sign of neurodivergence) but I was able to observe the other kids and correct my impression of the project’s expectation. I wonder if that assessment would come close to what Mrs. Knutson wrote about me. Hit me up at paul@paulryburn.com if you have thoughts.

That’s it for now. Dealing with some digestive issues (Flamin’ Hot Lay’s chips and a pizza with fresh jalapenos the same day may not have been the wisest decision) but I’m going to try to make it out today. Back tomorrow with more news.

Friday update

Pizza special this week at the Silly Goose: Chorizo by Black Sheep Meats, Ro-tel, refried beans, pepper jack and cheddar cheese, onions, fresh jalapeños, Valentina sour cream, and tortilla chip crumbles. Yummmm… I’m all about some refried beans on a pizza. This was delicious.

A. Schwab, the dry-goods store on Beale Street with the old-fashioned soda fountain, is hiring. Apply inside during regular business hours. Random tip I got yesterday: They have really good hot dogs there.

The Daily Memphian’s To-Do List has information on the equipment, vintage clothing, and furniture sale happening this weekend at Paula & Raiford’s Disco. Paula wants to clean out some of the storage spaces at the disco, and one-of-a-kind items will be for sale. The sale will happen 10 AM to 6 PM today through Sunday. The disco is at 14 S. Second, between Madison and Monroe.

Anheuser-Busch will give away free beer if the U.S. hits a goal of  70% of adults having had at least one dose of COVID-19 vaccination by July 4. The payoff will come as a virtual debit card that can be used to purchase one Anheuser-Busch product up to $5 in value.

The DM’s Drew Hill has an interesting column about the Grizzlies’ 2021 offseason. A question that has been on my mind has been on Drew’s mind too. An NBA player is eligible for a contract extension 3 seasons after being drafted. That means Ja will be eligible in 2022 and there’s no doubt he will get a max extension. But what about Jaren, who’s eligible this year? Maxing him due to unproven superstar potential/unproven ability to stay injury-free is a dangerous move; also, letting him walk is dangerous. (The Knicks are known to have interest; JJSr. works in their farm league.)

In other basketball news, Duke’s legendary Coach K is stepping down after this coming season.

Bar Hustle in the Arrive Hotel (S. Main at Butler) has extended its hours and happy hours.

  • Open Sunday-Thursday 4-10 PM
  • Open Friday 4 PM-midnight
  • Open Saturday 2 PM-midnight
  • Happy hour 4-6 PM Monday-Friday and 2-6 PM Saturday

Anyone else getting a lot of home and auto insurance spam in their Gmail this morning?

From the CA: “People are in Downtown”: Increased parking revenue points to economic recovery

Inspiration of the Day: Lakota Code of Ethics

To celebrate nationally observed days today, start off by either hugging your cat or hugging an atheist. Then dine on cheese and donuts and wash them down with a glass of cognac.

Transportation Secretary Pete Buttigeg was in town yesterday. Action News 5 has a report.

Wyly Bigger performs at the Memphis Chess Club for their weekly Music Knight tonight at 6.

Get a free hot dog, chips, and soda with your ticket tonight as the Redbirds host Toledo. First pitch is 7:10.

Worth noting in world news: Israel’s opposition parties are close to uniting to unseat Benjamin “Bibi” Netanyahu. We’ll see what happens, but it’d be hard to find any leadership that’d be worse than Bibi.

That’s it for today. I’ll be out today and tomorrow, then I’m taking three days off from going out Sunday-Tuesday to refocus on my professional writing career. I’ll still be blogging during that time span though. Back tomorrow with more news.

Thursday update

River Time Market & Deli has a lot going on this week! Here’s their latest news update from Facebook:

This week you will see the changes we are making for our Summer Menu.   We are starting with our Deli Salads and Garden Salads!   Gearing up for the warm weather!   You will see the you make it Sandwiches and Salads!   and yes you have been asking so I am delivering – The Philly Cheese Steak and The Philly Chicken Sandwiches and yes Salads!   We have added to this your loved sandwiches The Buffalo Chicken and The Mesquite Chicken!   What else you ask?  Yep – this Saturday you will see our Breakfast Burrito pop on the menu – and our take on the choices you have been asking for – The River Raft – what is that you ask?  it is a triple wrapped tortilla pocket sandwich – you choose your meat, cheese, veggies, toppings and dressing or yes the Deli Salads will also be offered on these sandwiches starting Thursday.   I will have the Plain Flour and the Honey Wheat Tortillas.   to see the updated menu – www.rivertimedeli.com.

If you haven’t made it to River Time yet, they’re on the south side of Court Square, next door to Blue Plate Cafe.

Black Panther is the movie tonight in the DNA’s Spring Movie Series on Mud Island in Greenbelt Park. Free to attend. People will start to gather at 7:30 and movie time will be 8. Gandy’s Grub Hub food truck will be onsite if you get hungry, or you can pre-game at Mud Island’s restaurants.

Country singer/songwriter Alexis Taylor performs tonight at South Main Sounds, 550 S. Main, from 5:30 to 7:00. If you can’t make it out there, the show will stream online.

The Bluff City Mafia will host a watch party for Saturday’s Memphis 901 FC match vs. Indy Eleven Saturday at 5:30. The party will be in the Cavern (downstairs) of the recently-reopened Brass Door. Paid Bluff City Mafia members, be sure to pick up your bracelets for drink specials.

Jennifer Biggs has a look at By the Brewery in her New Eats column, but there’s more big news: The Daily Memphian will be moving into new digs soon. She says they’ll be on the south end of South Main, with a rooftop for parties and plenty of walkable dining options for those who choose to return to the office.

The Grizzlies’ season is over, but, what a year to be proud of. Nobody expected Memphis to be in the play-in tournament at the beginning of the year, much less win a game in the play-in, much less win two games in the play-in and make the NBA playoffs, much less to steal a playoff game on the road. The future is bright. Great year, Grizzlies.

Pam & Terry will play the Ghost River taproom Friday from 5:30 to 8:30. It’s their first time there, so come show your support.

Cooper-Young Beerfest will make its return October 9. If learning about beer and talking to the brewers is your priority at a beer festival, as opposed to getting your picture taken for the society page in the paper, CY Beerfest is the one for you.

Paula Raiford is trying something new: A text-only line. Text Disco to 901-519-2720 and share your favorite story about Raiford’s Disco.

Black-owned firm Allworld has been chosen to handle construction on The Walk on Union, the multi-use project going in on the south side of Union between Front and Danny Thomas Blvd. Allworld has worked with big names in Memphis including FedEx and the Shelby County Schools.

Amazon has announced it will stop testing workers for marijuana. I hope other companies will take notice and follow suit. Testing for weed is a stupid and outdated practice.

CNN has an article about the possibilities of mRNA vaccines now that they have proven their worth against COVID. mRNA could be thought of as a framework on top of which extremely safe vaccines for many diseases could be developed.

A man faces charges for drag racing in Whitehaven. I wonder if he was one of the idiots who’s been speeding around Downtown, causing a safety hazard.

Brent who cooks at Silly Goose (and who owns restaurant wholesaler Black Sheep Meats) says his experiment with a chorizo taco pizza in the Goose’s wood-fired oven is going to happen today. He’s also been experimenting with skillet brownies in the oven, although he has to cook those in the morning before the oven gets super hot – “so if we do them, when we run out, we’re out.”

Today is National Moonshine Day, and I will suggest Blind Bear as the best place to celebrate. They’re open today 3 PM to 3 AM.

A 5-story building at 386 S. Main, which will rise above its neighbors, was approved with modifications by the Design Review Board yesterday.

Love that passive income… my professional writing activities produced a $500 bonus while I slept last night. After work I will go out and celebrate with some of that chorizo taco pizza and of course, a PBR. Back tomorrow with more news.

Wednesday update

Interesting visualization site I found yesterday: Drop a raindrop anywhere in the continental U.S. and watch to see where it ends up as it flows through creeks, streams, and rivers. I dropped a drop in southern Iowa yesterday and watched it flow past Memphis in the Mississippi River.

Work began transferring the remains of Gen. Nathan Bedford Forrest, long a symbol of racial hatred, from Health Sciences Park to a private location. Digging up the tomb will take weeks. They can’t get him out of there soon enough as far as I am concerned. The Juneteenth celebration is planned for Health Sciences Park despite the fact that Gen. Forrest is unlikely to be gone by then.

The DM reports that another building in The Edge is up for renovation. It’s at 413 Monroe, right across from The Rise Apartments in the old Wonder Bread location. The building houses commercial space, a warehouse, and what will be an apartment upstairs.

The same DM article says that Bluefin is seeking permission to build a covered patio on the Main Street Mall. Gotta keep up with the neighbors Majestic Grille and Blind Bear, which already have the covered patios.

It is fantastic to check COVID Act Now and see Memphis averaging only 7 new cases a day. Yesterday my apartment building took down the “must wear mask in elevators and common areas” signs.

Got any tweens or teens interested in learning coding? CodeCrew and Cossitt Library are offering a free camp this summer where participants will learn the programming language Python. Classes will be held every Monday, Wednesday, and Friday from 10 AM to noon for 6 weeks. Python is a great first language to learn and one of my current favorites.

Today is National Leave the Office Early Day.

A Tennessee Wildlife Resources Agency boat was attempted to be stolen from Mud Island on Sunday. The plan didn’t work, the thief took off, and the boat was recovered.

A 15-story mixed-use building could be on its way to The Pinch District, at 465 N. Front. Hotel rooms, condos, and a restaurant are part of the plans.

The MemphisWeather.net forecast has Memphis staying below 80 today with a 50% chance of rain today and 40% tonight.

Don’t forget the Grizzlies watch party in Fourth Bluff Park tonight. The fun starts at 7:30 with the game at 8:30. Go Grizzlies! Let’s bring a Game 6 back to Memphis! Back tomorrow with more news.

Tuesday update

Yesterday one of my readers called my blog “The Reader’s Digest of Downtown Memphis.” For those not familiar, that’s what many people read as they sat on the crapper before smartphones.

On to the news… the Grizzlies will have another watch party at Fourth Bluff Park, 1 N. Front Street, Wednesday night for the Grizzlies’ Game 5 at Utah. Lawn chairs and blankets are encouraged, and concessions will be available.

117 Prime will be closed today and tomorrow for maintenance and will reopen Thursday, June 3.

News from Insomnia Cookies:

🍨 here’s the scoop—new ice cream-inspired cookies are HERE! 🍨 so dreamy. so creamy. meet the limited-edition flavors that are about to take your summer to a whole new level.
🍊 Orange Creamsicle
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There was a shooting at about 1 AM Monday morning at Second and Peabody Place. One person went to the hospital in critical condition.

With the I-40 bridge closed, just what we didn’t need was a fire on I-55. A truck caught on fire near the McLemore exit one mile from the bridge, and with no way to put the fire out, MFD had to let it burn.

Air Traffic Mike sent me a good link on abandoned West Tennessee airfields including the Downtown airport which operated on Mud Island from the late 1950s through 1970.

Songwriter Nights are back at South Main Sounds, 550 S. Main. This Friday, June 4 at 7 PM they’ll have Brooke Fair, Emily Rooker, and Richard Wilson.

The Daily Memphian has a tour of the vacant 100 N. Main building (subscriber-only link)

From Action News 5: A professor created a simulation of the wear and tear on the I-40 bridge

Business was booming at local restaurants over Memorial Day weekend.

Rain is back in the forecast with a 60% chance today and an 80% chance tonight and tomorrow.

That’s it for now. Back to work this morning. Back tomorrow with more news.