Wednesday update

I checked out the new Ghost River taproom on Beale yesterday, and it is as nice as I had heard! Plenty of seating inside and out. Unfortunately they were doing construction work on the patio so I couldn’t get the photos I wanted – not that it matters, since WordPress is still giving me HTTP errors when I try to upload.

I had my go-to beer the Grindhouse Cream Ale, then for my second one I decided to branch out and try something different. I looked at the taps (I believe I counted 12). There was one called “Tropfen Vom Himmel.”

“I know that ‘himmel’ is German for ‘heaven,'” I told the bartender. “What does the rest of the name mean?”

“Dropped from heaven,” he replied. “It’s a hefeweizen, a wheat beer with hints of lemon and banana.” I ordered one. It was possibly the lightest and smoothest hefe I have ever had! When I was working on my plates at the Flying Saucer, I drank plenty of Leinenkugel’s version of that style of beer, and let me tell you, I would easily take the Tropfen Vom Himmel over it.

As for the kitchen – Flying Sobies is in the house, and you might remember them from the Court Square food truck rodeos (can we please bring those back?) selling hens in Sobies’ sauces. At Ghost River, they are going in a different direction, focusing on burgers made with ground chicken. There are about 6 different chicken burgers, plus another two for vegans, and they have chili cheese fries too.

While we’re on the subject of news about chicken: The New Wing Order food truck announced its special flavor of the month for July: Street taco wings. They’re made with NwO’s hot Buffalo sauce, house-made taco seasoning, fine-diced red onion, cilantro, and lime wedges. Check their calendar to see when they’ll be in your neck of the woods. LeBonheur, they’re coming your way tomorrow for lunch.

In other food truck news, the popular 2 Buck Grilled Cheese Truck will be at Crosstown Brewing tonight.

My latest on News Break: Places to visit not far from Downtown using the Groove on Demand shuttle service. I had planned to write that one on here for a while, but News Break said they’d pay me, so fine, same content, different place.

Vanessa Winter, Mike Stovall, and Jordan Mobley play South Main Songwriter Night this Friday at 550 S. Main, 6-8 PM.

YOGA! Local 24 has a look at the free Yoga on the River class held every Tuesday evening.

Today is National Dive Bar Day. Here in Downtown Memphis that can mean only one thing: Earnestine & Hazel’s. They open today at 5. I still haven’t been since it reopened… maybe today should be the day. It’s also National Tell the Truth Day, a holiday one reader of this blog doesn’t celebrate. We need to create a Tell The Truth or Lie, Whichever Is Most Expedient at the Time Day for her.

A man from Hernando, MS in a Dodge Charger is charged with attempted murder due to his alleged reckless driving on July 4 in the area of Front and G.E. Patterson. He allegedly swerved onto a sidewalk, nearly hit a Memphis police officer, swerved into oncoming traffic, and hit a truck.

Chris Wallace, the architect of the Hasheem Thabeet draft pick, is leaving the Grizzlies after 14 seasons for the Houston Rockets. Notably, Houston has the number-two draft pick this year.

Bruno Lauer was sworn in as an alderman of Walls, MS. You might remember him as manager Downtown Bruno (Memphis wrestling) or Harvey Wippleman (WWF). Action News 5 interviewed Lauer (they should’ve brought Dave Brown out of retirement to do the interview).

DJ Superbrad is hosting a ’70s party at Blind Bear 9-1 this Saturday.

That’s it for today. Got another News Break story and a Medium article in the works, so plenty for me to do in the pipeline. Right now, I gotta venture out on a photo-taking session before the rain moves in. Back tomorrow with more news.