Wednesday update

Ultrasound: It’s not just for pregnant women anymore. The technology was used to scan the I-40 bridge, and it revealed that there are 16 more steel plates that need to be repaired before the bridge can be safely reopened. The bridge has been closed since mid-May.

Even the finest restaurants in town are being affected by post-pandemic staffing shortages. Jennifer Biggs of the DM reports that for the first time in 25 years, Erling Jensen the Restaurant is closing Mondays and Tuesdays, although Jensen intends to keep the closing period as brief as possible. He does not want to close, but he can’t work his line cooks 7 days a week. He says it is not as simple as people preferring to stay home and collect unemployment.

WALRUS with DJ Superbrad play Earnestine & Hazel’s this Friday at 8.

YOGA! Downtown Memphis Commission’s weekly free yoga class, Yoga on the River, is changing its start time to 6:00 Tuesdays. The extra 30 minutes should allow more people to get home from work, change, and get down to the park at 51 N. Riverside Drive.

New addition to Memphis 901 FC, goalkeeper Kyle Morton, scored USL Player of the Week honors following Memphis’ 1-0 road victory over Birmingham. Morton had 8 saves in that game.

Today is National Grand Marnier Day and National Mac & Cheese Day. Blind Bear is a place where you could scratch both of those itches concurrently. If you go between 9 and 1 tonight you can sing some karaoke too.

Since we’re nearing the Summer Olympics, I thought now would be a good time to re-live a classic tweet by the legend, the greatest, the realest, the man who dominates Twitter like no other:

The Redbirds host Norfolk tonight at 7:10 at AutoZone Park.

Memphissippi Sounds is the featured act at tonight’s Sip & Song Concert Series. This one-hour performance will kick off at 5:30 this afternoon at Earnestine & Hazel’s, and if you can’t make it there in person, you can join in on their Facebook page.

Rev. Omma teaches an introductory class on smudging and cleansing tonight at the Broom Closet, 552 S. Main. She will talk about different ways to cleanse your home and yourself, and techniques with different smoke cleansings and herbs will be used. Be aware that the smoke could irritate sensitive lungs. The class is 7-9 PM and there’s a $10 “energy exchange” requested.

I had been neutral in the Phoenix Suns vs. Milwaukee Bucks NBA Finals up until yesterday, but then I remembered that my fellow Little Rock Hall High Warrior Bobby Portis is on the Bucks. Between him and PBR, I guess that’s enough to shift me in favor of Milwaukee. The Bucks are at home for Game 4 of the finals tonight at 8 PM CDT.

By the way, if any of my fellow Warriors are reading this, I was saddened to learn of the passing of Sue Maddison yesterday. Mrs. Maddison made 10th grade English downright fun.

That’s it for this post. My plan for today is to write 2 Medium stories and maybe 3, then get out tonight about 7 to watch the NBA finals and hear people sing karaoke. (It still blows my mind that I’m writing positive things about a karaoke night on here.) Tomorrow’s post looks to be a loaded one, so check back in the morning.