Monday update

Today is National Daiquiri Day. It’s a great day to cool down with a frozen drink from Wet Willie’s on Beale Street. Their Call-a-Cab fruit punch drink, in its large size, contains nearly as much alcohol as a six-pack of beer. I recommend one, but only if you’re not driving.

If you prefer to support a great local business rather than a national chain, Max’s Sports Bar has five frozen drinks on tap, including the legendary Purple Drank. They open at 4:30 but if you go down there right as they throw open the doors, give them a few minutes to fire up the drink machines.

There will be live music on the north patio of Cordelia’s Market tonight 5-7 PM. Grab a beer bucket inside and come on out and enjoy.

From the New York Post: Athletes will sleep on cardboard “anti-sex” beds in the Olympic Village. The Village tends to be a huge sex party among Olympic athletes, but that’s frowned upon this year because the contact could promote the spread of COVID. So a Japanese firm has constructed single beds, made out of cardboard, that are strong enough to support the weight of one athlete, but not two or more.

What about the wrestlers who compete in the superheavyweight division? They weigh as much as three gymnasts. Will the cardboard beds buckle under their weight?

MWN forecast for today: Only 83 for a high with a 50% chance of showers/storms; 70 tonight with a 30% chance. Wind from the northeast. It’d be a nice patio day if those showers would stay away.

Short post today, as is often the case on Monday. Back tomorrow with more news.