Tuesday update

The COVID-19 emergency overflow hospital at 495 Union, site of the former Commercial Appeal building, has been decommissioned without ever being used. The hospital was prepared by the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers to handle the threat of local hospitals exceeding their surge capacity because of COVID. That never happened, although we came close in December 2020.

Opera Memphis is looking to move from its East Memphis home into a place where the organization can feel more in the heart of the community. The CA reports that The Edge District is a top contender to house Opera Memphis.

Speaking of The Edge, it’s one of the neighborhoods eligible for building loans in a new $30 million Memphis Medical District Investment Fund. Developers find it hard to get loans to build affordable rental properties in the neighborhoods around the Med Center District. This fund will help ensure that in the future, those who work in the district will be able to live not far away.

The DM reports that details of Memphis Tigers basketball assistant coach Larry Brown’s contract have emerged. Brown’s base salary is $300,000 a year. Given that he’s won NCAA and NBA titles, he’s clearly doing this for Penny and for the love of the game more than the money. There are performance incentives and bonuses. The University of Memphis wisely threw in clauses addressing what will happen if NCAA violations happen under Brown’s watch.

Also from the DM: An old MGM warehouse on Film Row at 502 S. Second may become a jazz club. The space would be called Luxe Jazz Suite and would feature emerging talent and masters of the craft. A rooftop bar is among the plans, and the permit application states the business would get more pedestrian traffic on that block of Second.

It’s International Chess Day, making this an excellent week (I had “day” rather than “week,” but they’re closed Monday-Tuesday) to check out the offerings at the Memphis Chess Club at Madison and B.B. King Blvd. if you haven’t done so already. Even if you don’t play a lick of chess, you can pick up some yummy food in their cafe.

The GOODLife DJs will bring some positive, high-energy dance music to the MOXY Memphis hotel, 40 N. Front, Thursday from 6-9 PM.

Hot summer salsa is on the menu for this month’s Fourth Bluff Latin Dance Series this Saturday 7-8 at Fourth Bluff Park. This beginner salsa lesson, taught by the staff of Cat’s Ballroom, is free to all.

DJ Superbrad is back at the Blind Bear this Saturday night with a dance party featuring music of the ’00s.

Even more news from The Edge District: Craft Axe Throwing at 344 Floyd Alley will hold a Viking Night on Thursday. Dress up as a Viking and get $5 off your reservation. Erik and Ivar would approve.

Snack recommendation: If you haven’t tried the Ding Dongs with caramel-flavored cake inside rather than chocolate, do it. DGX usually has them.

All righty then… my to-do list for the day has a double-digit list of bullet points, so I guess I will get started on those. Back tomorrow with more news.