Monday update: Party pedal bike bad behavior and more

There’s video on Nextdoor this morning of two of the party pedal bikes – can’t tell which company’s bikes – parked side-by-side on Main Street between Beale and MLK. The riders of both bikes were dancing in the street as southbound traffic on Main was backed up all the way to Peabody Place. The operators of the bikes were clearly allowing this to happen and were not doing anything to get out of the way of traffic.

Apparently this is a regular occurrence. If anyone can capture video of this behavior and can throw it on YouTube, I would love to embed it in this blog and show the world what a nuisance those bikes are. If you do not know how to upload video to YouTube, I can help with that.

Also, another commenter says the bikes are known to stop behind the law school so riders can urinate in the bushes or in the dumpster enclosure.

Saturday I did something I never thought I’d do: I watched a live chess match. The Memphis Chess Club broadcast Saturday tournament matches live from its Facebook page. It was so interesting to watch! I know the basic movement of all the pieces – the bishop, the rook, the horsey, the queen, and so on – but an 8-year-old could probably beat me in a game.

Ghost River has responded to the heat by releasing its first seltzer. Walk the Lime, as you might guess, is a lime seltzer. Look for it in the taprooms on Beale and Main.

Mud Island River Park news:

Here’s a graphic for you concerning COVID-19 “breakthrough” cases, cases where someone who has been fully vaccinated against COVID-19 and gets the virus anyway.

The squares represent people who got vaccinated. The red square represents people who got vaccinated then caught COVID anyway. The yellow square represents people who got vaccinated, caught COVID anyway, and died.

For more info on COVID in Shelby County, read James Aycock’s COVID Week-in-Review.

It’s a weird start to the month here, so I’m going to cut this blog short. Nothing major, just Murphy’s Law hitting in 3 different ways simultaneously. Back tomorrow or whenever some of this stuff gets fixed.