Quick “Where do the locals go” Downtown Memphis bar guide for Ida evacuees

Welcome, evacuees – it occurred to me that some of you might search for “downtown memphis” or similar and find this blog. As someone who lives in the neighborhood and goes out a lot, I thought I’d put together a quick “where the locals go” bar guide for Downtown Memphis – or really, a “where do I go” guide. This is by no means comprehensive.

  • If you want a true neighborhood bar – Bardog Tavern
  • If you want a neighborhood bar that’s also a sports bar – Max’s Sports Bar
  • If you want craft cocktails in a bright lounge setting – Silly Goose
  • If you want craft cocktails in a dark speakeasy setting – Blind Bear
  • If you want great local craft beer – Ghost River Brewery’s Beale Street location, Wiseacre at B.B. King and Butler
  • If you want BBQ – Central BBQ (or Cozy Corner, but don’t walk there and be out of that neighborhood by dark)
  • Is the chicken at Gus’s really as good as everyone says and worth the wait in line? – Yes
  • If you have kids or are a kid at heart – old-fashioned soda fountain at A. Schwab on Beale
  • If you want to hear live music – Gonna be hard to find any Downtown off Beale on a Monday or Tuesday. Try BB King’s, Blues Hall, Tin Roof
  • Where to buy to-go liquor – Downtown Wines and Liquors, Quench
  • Where to buy to-go beer – DGX, Walgreens, City Market

Hope this helps. If you have questions, email paul@paulryburn.com and I’ll try to answer as quickly as I can.