Thursday update

Band alert! Last week I reported that I had gone to see a band called the Mario Monterosso Band at the Blind Bear, and they were excellent, playing with impeccable timing. Well, tonight they will perform at Central Station Hotel’s Live at the Tracks concert series. The music kicks off at 7 PM. If you don’t have plans for this evening, I think you will enjoy checking them out.

There will be a special performance including 4 original members of the B.B. King Band Wednesday night, September 15 at 7:30 at B.B. King’s Blues Club, Beale at Second. The performance will celebrate the 30-year anniversary of the club’s opening in 1991.

Yesterday I watched a woman complain about the 20% gratuity that had been added onto her check, as is common practice at many of the restaurants Downtown these days. “I think I should have the right not to tip!” she complained. Geez. Why not just put a neon sign on your head that says “I AM A CHEAP-ASS”? If you don’t want to tip when you go out to restaurants, I suggest you stop at Kroger and pick up a six-pack of beer and a Totino’s pizza to heat up at home. I totally support the auto-gratuity. It assures servers that it is going to be worth their while to come to work and do their jobs.

From the DM: Molly’s La Casita out in Midtown has a new owner, but the recipes are still the same. Two of the restaurant’s regulars bought Molly’s, so it will be in good hands.

A new mural at Second Street and Gen. Washburn’s Escape Alley (between Monroe and Union) calls for an end to gun violence. The artist, Kyle Halbrook, has dozens of childhood friends whose lives were taken by guns.

From Architect Magazine: The rebirth of Memphis’ 100 N. Main

There’s a Healing Field flag display just west of Riverside Drive near Bass Pro. Its purpose is to honor those who lost their lives on 9/11, the 20th anniversary of which is Saturday.

Stephanie Mills and Jeffrey Osborne play the Orpheum tonight. It’s an event that is part of the Southern Heritage Classic cultural celebration. Tickets are $68-$128.

The GOODLife DJs will provide the music at the lunchtime food truck rodeo in Court Square today.

Dallas Cowboys fans, Loflin Yard is hosting a season kickoff party tonight as your team battles the Tampa Bay Buccaneers. They’ll have the game on the huge projection TV in the Coach House and there will be specials on BBQ brisket and Lone Star beer.

Mid-South car enthusiasts will meet Saturday morning for Cars & Coffee On The Edge.

Andy Hall performs at Moxy Memphis Downtown, 40 N. Front, at 7 tonight. The event is presented by The Consortium MMT, Memphis’ music incubator.

Aggressive panhandler alert:

  • White male, very short brown hair, 6’4″, 200-210 lbs., approximately 45 years of age
  • Tends to hang out in the southern end of the Downtown core, between Union and Beale
  • Extremely talkative
  • Has been known to bring his own beer into restaurants and expect to sit at the bar and drink it
  • Has brought lit cigarettes into nonsmoking restaurants and got highly agitated when asked not to smoke
  • Shoved the manager of a local restaurant after he was asked to leave
  • Smashed a beer bottle against a building he was asked to leave
  • Known to approach people on bar patios, strike up a conversation (which is mostly him talking nonstop) then say “Would you mind buying me one of what you’re having?”

You can call the Blue Suede Brigade, Downtown Memphis’ hospitality and safety team, at 901-281-9146 if you feel threatened. They are trained in patrol and safety procedures and can get to your location quickly on bike.

And yes, I know how some of you are going to respond: We need to address issues like homelessness, addiction, and poverty that are the root causes of this man’s situation. I don’t disagree with any of that. That’s why I support organizations like The Hub that work to get people to a better life situation. But we also have to address the immediate problem: This man’s behavior makes people feel endangered.

If I run into him at a bar (one that he hasn’t been banned from yet) and I can strike up a conversation that’s not too uncomfortable, I will ask if he knows about The Hub’s services.

That’s the news for today. Y’all be safe out there, and please go get vaccinated if you’re not already. Back tomorrow with more news.