Sunday update – Raid on Main Street

When you live Downtown, you have to expect a certain amount of noise – revelers going “Wooooooo!” the nights of Music Fest, the occasional revving engine, fireworks. However, the folks who live on the block of Main between Union and Gayoso have had far more than their fair share of noise to deal with lately.

Large crowds have been gathering on that block every night of the week, and I’m not talking 9, 10 at night – I’m talking about the wee hours of the morning. The crowds have been loud and unruly, making it hard for those who live in the many condos and apartments on that block to get a decent night’s sleep.

About a week ago, a man was out walking his dog at 5:30 AM and the crowd was still there. He approached them and asked them to please keep the noise down because people were trying to sleep. The crowd became aggressive and a man identifying himself as Flava House Security allegedly pulled two guns on the dog walker and threatened to arrest him.

This past week after numerous posts on Nextdoor about the matter, residents gathered together and asked the Memphis Police Department for help. (My source of this information, by the way, is a regular reader of this blog who lives on that block of Main.)

Police responded by sending undercover agents to Flava House Lounge, followed by a raid on the business. According to my source, this led to the following charges on people in and around the business:

  • Felony arrest for sale of marijuana
  • Conspiracy to sell crack cocaine
  • Bartender serving without an ABC card
  • Security operating without a license

My source said that police allegedly found marijuana and cocaine in plain view. My source also told me that the security guard who pointed guns at the dog walker was arrested for aggravated assault.

Kudos to MPD, who put the operation together within only a few days of hearing the residents’ complaints. They sent the message loud and clear that criminal behavior will not be tolerated.

On to the news… Let’s hear it for those Memphis Tigers, who defeated another SEC team yesterday, topping Mississippi State 31-29. Check out this punt return by Calvin Austin III that will be on ESPN’s highlight reels this week.

Mississippi State had downed the ball at the Memphis 6, but the referee had not yet whistled the play dead. That allowed Austin to sneak through several Bulldogs players, scoop up the ball, and take it to the house.

Memphis improves to 3-0. Next Saturday the Tigers host UTSA in a 2:30 game at the Liberty Bowl.

Couple of big SEC games coming up next Saturday… Texas A&M and Arkansas will play in a 2:30 neutral-site game in Arlington, Texas. The Razorbacks have a chance to prove that they’re back as a force to be reckoned with in the SEC for the first time since Bobby Petrino’s motorcycle ride.

Also, it’s one of my favorite weeks of the year, the annual WHOOPIN’ that Florida puts on the Tennessee Vols. This year’s beating will happen in Gainesville with kickoff at 6:00. Florida has won 15 of the last 16 meetings and this doesn’t look to be Tennessee’s year.

Here’s a link to James Aycock’s COVID Week-in-Review. The biggest news is good news: Hospitalizations are down 23% over the past two weeks, a sign that we may be past the current surge’s peak.

ZZ Top plays the Orpheum tonight. Tickets start at $59.50 and there are front row, gold, and silver premium ticket packages. The Reverend Peyton’s Big Damn Band will open.

In celebration of National Talk Like a Pirate Day, there will be a Pirates’ Raid at River Garden Park this afternoon 1 to 4.

Test-drive a youth acting class at Lily Roze Studio, 810 S. Main, this Sunday or next from 3 to 4.

That’s the news for today. Back tomorrow with more.