Tuesday update

Ladies and gentlemen, one of the major wrongs of the 2010s is about to be made right.

In 2013, the makers of Skittles candy decided to change the flavor of their green pieces from lime to apple. This was, of course, a horrible decision. Lime was the best flavor in the entire bag; on the other hand, the only thing that should be apple-flavored are, well, apples.

Food & Wine reported good news yesterday. Skittles’ makers have realized they made a mistake, and over the next few months, green Skittles will return to lime flavor. Hallelujiah! There is justice in the world after all.

Wahlburgers Wild, the burger concept owned by Donnie, Marky Mark, and their brother Chef Paul, has opened in Bass Pro at the Pyramid. Here’s their menu. They have 7 different burgers as well as starters, sandwiches, salads, shakes, and floats. For vegetarian diners, they have a plant-based Impossible Burger, which is noted on the menu to be Marky Mark’s choice. More on Wahlburgers Wild from the DM’s Jennifer Biggs and Chris Herrington

Arkansas will play in the College GameDay game of the week this Saturday. The folks at College GameDay made the decision to head to Athens for 8 Arkansas vs. 2 Georgia. The game kicks off at 11 AM on ESPN. Wooooooooo pig sooooiiieeee! Razorbacks!

You gotta admit River City Records has a point here:

Don’t forget that Southern Avenue will perform songs from their new album this Thursday at 7 PM at the record store – and if you like what you hear, you can pick up the album right then and there.

Here’s an article on how to get Google to blur the image of your house when people take a virtual walk down your street using Google StreetView. There are instructions for doing similar on Apple Maps and Bing Maps as well.

It’s National Drink Beer Day. I thought we just had that a few weeks ago, but it’s perfectly fine to have another one. Reminds me, I have a beef with whoever distributes PBR in this town… get the 16-ounce cans back in stock!!!

Congratulations to Hot N Heavy Dogs, who got a 100 recently on their health inspection. You can find the hot dog cart at Union and Main most Wednesdays.

Enjoy prison, R. Kelly. The artist/producer faces 10 years to life after being convicted of a number of sex crimes involving minors.

Well, I’m in a weird spot… due to the way my monthly minimum payment is structured, it doesn’t make sense for me to publish anything professionally until Friday, the first day of next month. So, OF COURSE, on the day I don’t need to write anything, I come up with FIVE kick-ass article ideas. Isn’t it funny how the mind works?

I’ll see how many more ideas I can come up with by noon, then go celebrate the national holiday. Back tomorrow with more news.