Saturday update

Got a new PRO TIP for those of you who don’t live in the Downtown core, but drive down here and park on Friday, Saturday, and Sunday nights to go barhopping or clubbing:

If you park in a parking garage, park as close to the middle of a level as possible. Avoid the corner spots.

Why? Because, about 11:15 last night, I was lying in bed and heard this:


It sounded like one of the morons who drive muscle cars down here on the weekends got into a garage, and was having fun racing through it… until he wasn’t.

I’m wondering what the chance is the driver left a note on the car he ran into, saying, “I’m terribly sorry about this, here’s my name, contact information, and insurance information”? I’ll put the probability that happened somewhere between 0% and 0%.

I wonder what the chance was that the make of the car that raced through the garage was a Dodge or Infiniti? I’ll put the probability between 70% and 90%.

On the bright side, I didn’t hear any gunshots last night.

Aldo’s Pizza Pies announced their first collaboration with a local brewery this week. The signature beverage, of course, at Aldo’s is their delicious limoncello. Crosstown Brewing Co. took Aldo’s top-secret limoncello recipe and turned it into a beer. The collaboration marries the intense flavors of lemon and citrus with the smoothness of malt to produce a 6.2% ABV beer called Chill-O.

Where can you get a Chill-O? Well, if you have tickets to Memphis Brewfest today, you can be among the very first to try it. You will also have the chance to try it at Crosstown Brewing Co.’s Notoberfest next Saturday, October 23. After that, you can find Chill-O exclusively at Aldo’s Pizza Pies, Bardog Tavern, and Slider Inn.

Cupcake Cutie at the corner of South Main and Pontotoc has a street party today from 2 to 6. The party’s purpose is to introduce and support young entrepreneurs, including

  • Jaxcen’s Tumbler Tavern
  • CoCo’s Cookie Bar
  • Janie B’s Hair Oil
  • Johnson’s Candle Co.

You’ll have the chance to meet new LeMoyne-Owen basketball coach and former Grizzly Bonzi Wells at the street party. The Smurfey’s Smokehouse food truck will be there serving up some delicious food. Also on hand: STAX museum, Pinnacle Bank, ODDS Atelier, COGIC bookstore, and ILL Wellness.

People will be rappeling off the top of the First Horizon Building today to raise money for the Mid-South Food Bank in Heights for Hunger.

The Broom Closet hosts an event called Resurrecting the Shadow Sound Bath Monday, November 8 from 6:30 to 8 PM. I’ll just paste in the event description from Facebook:

Join Matt Petty for a Resurrecting the Shadow Sound Bath. Matt, a certified sound therapist, will lead us in a meditative sound experience using crystal singing bowls, gongs, chimes, and multiple instruments. This exclusive sound session will help us connect with our shadow selves and navigate through the Scorpio energies of November.

Note that Monday, November 8 is the first full day of the return of Standard Time, which is disappointing for many of us – and therefore a great day to engage in a practice like this to cleanse your energy. They ask that you bring a yoga mat and possibly a blanket in case you get cold. The class is 16 and up and space is very limited, so if you want to be part of this, make your reservation now. Tickets are $20.

Ja Morant gave Memphis a scare when he left the court with an apparent arm injury in the third quarter of last night’s preseason game. However, he came back a few minutes later and finished the game with 17 points. The Grizz launch the regular season with a home game against Cleveland Wednesday at 7. Immediately, after that, they head off to the West Coast for a 4-game road trip.

ABC 24 made a trip to the new Soul & Spirits Brewery at 845 N. Main.

Kayak Memphis is offering a sunset tour this evening.

The Dude Perfect 2021 Tour comes to FedExForum tonight.

Butterific Bakery & Cafe celebrates The Sweetest Day today. 488 S. Second St.

Holy crap, the Orpheum and the Halloran Centre have a STACKED schedule for these next 8 days. Just have a look at all that will be going on:

  • Hosea: God’s Love for His People – Sunday, October 17 – Halloran Centre – Hosea was a simple pastor who tried to love both God and his fellow humans. But then God sent Hosea a wife from the streets. Tickets are $30.
  • Beatles vs. Stones – Wednesday, October 20 – Orpheum – Abbey Road, a Beatles tribute band, battles Satisfaction, a Rolling Stones tribute band. Tickets are $45.
  • RAW II – Jessica Ray – Thursday, October 21 – Halloran Centre – The R&B singer brings her interactive experience to Memphis, backed by an ensemble of local creatives. Also performing will be bassist Marco Alexander. Tickets are $10-$20.
  • Mike Farris – Friday, October 22 – Halloran Centre – Farris is the former frontman of the Screamin’ Cheetah Wheelies. Tickets are $37.50.
  • Married to a Cheater, In Love With a Husband – Saturday, October 23 – Halloran Centre – Tired of her husband’s cheating, the leading lady finds herself a sexy new side piece – but he’s married too. Tickets are $30-$75.
  • A Ferry Tale – Saturday, October 23 – Orpheum – A hip-hop musical written by a Memphian, performed by a local cast of actors, rappers, and singers. Tickets are $15-$45.
  • If She Only Knew – Sunday, October 24 – Halloran Centre – Zhuri tries to keep his secret life hidden from the love of his life, who is also soon to become the mother of his child. Tickets are $25-50.
  • Gary Clark Jr. – Sunday, October 24 – Orpheum – R&B artist who has won four Grammys and shared the stage with the Rolling Stones. Tickets are $49.50-$99.50.

Today is gonna be a looooong day and I am ready for it. First order of business is deciding whether it’s warm enough to wear shorts. Weatherbug has us at 55 at the 9 AM hour, which is comfortably within the shorts zone for me (my cutoff is a feels-like temp of at least 48).

Farmers Market is first on my list, and I’m going to go a little earlier than usual so I have plenty of time to mingle around. There’s enough good football on to warrant a second week in a row at Max’s Sports Bar, but I just can’t see myself missing another Saturday at Bardog. I’ll watch Arkansas-Auburn on my phone if I have to. Tonight I’ll head over to Blind Bear for some excellent music spun by DJ Tree and DJ Taz. Back tomorrow with more news – tomorrow’s post may be late if I stay out late tonight.