Saturday update

The Grizzlies’ 11-game winning streak came to an end last night at FedExForum. The Dallas Mavericks took a 112-85 win over a tired Grizzlies team on the second night of a back-to-back. The Grizzlies (30-15) remain in 3rd place in the Western Conference, but the Utah Jazz are now 0 games behind Memphis rather than 1 game.

Next up for the Grizz: Hosting Chicago in the MLK Day game 2:30 Monday.

The Memphis Tigers travel to Greenville, NC today for a 3:00 came at ECU. This is a can’t-lose if they want to keep their hopes alive for an at-large bid to the big dance.

The big news this weekend is going to be the weather. Rain, sometimes heavy, is expected today with a high in the upper 40s. Late this afternoon, temps will start falling through the 30s and will reach the 20s by late evening, at which time the rain will convert over to freezing rain or sleet briefly, followed by several hours of heavy snow.

There will likely be bands of snow, meaning that Downtown could get 6 inches while Cordova only gets 3, or vice versa. It is very hard, given the dynamics of this particular winter weather system, to predict exactly where these bands will occur. For more information, I recommend you read the blog and follow @memphisweather1 on Twitter.

Wow… I’m really concerned for my friends who work service industry jobs and don’t get off until 3 Sunday morning. Most office workers can call in and say, “I’m staying home today; road conditions could be too dangerous to drive by the time I get off,” and the boss will understand. You try that when you work at a restaurant or a bar, and you’ll get fired. Industry workers might want to consider getting a hotel room tonight. A $120 hotel room might be a decent price to pay to avoid $1200 in auto body repairs.

From Fox 13: How to winterize your car in anticipation of this weekend’s weather event

Would you believe, that’s ALL I have for today? On a Saturday??? We really are in the slow season. Maybe it’s a good thing that there aren’t many events going on tonight, because people need to be off the roads, especially after midnight. Stay safe, and if there’s any news to report tomorrow I’ll be back with it.