Thursday update

Great news… the Board of Adjustment voted no on a 7-story parking garage sought to be built by St. Jude. The garage would have been on the north side of A.W. Willis Avenue between Third and Fourth. It would have been a big ugly gray slab of concrete that would bring heavy traffic to Uptown/Greenlaw. The board members said that voting against such a great neighbor as St. Jude was difficult, and one member said he received 430 emails in opposition to the garage.

Watch Mayor Strickland’s State of the City address which he gave yesterday:

The DM got a radar gun and verified what we already knew: Everybody speeds in Memphis. Even if you want to go 55 on I-240, you can’t. You’ll be the only one going that slow and will therefore be a traffic hazard. Also, in Memphis you risk having your car shot at if you don’t keep up with the prevailing traffic speed.

The Grizzlies got a nice win on the road last night at San Antonio, and will now return to Memphis for back-to-back home games Friday and Saturday. Grizzlies fans, please say a prayer for Ja Morant’s grandmother, who is in poor health.

The starters and team captains for the NBA All-Star teams will be announced tonight at 6 PM on TNT. Ja is expected to be named a starter for the West.

The Tigers play a home game vs. East Carolina tonight at 8. The game will be televised on ESPN2. Fans attending are asked to wear black.

ABC 24 has a look at the new South Point Grocery coming to South Main.

Today is National Chocolate Cake Day.

For y’all who don’t keep up with world news, you might want to the next week or two. A Russian invasion of Ukraine seems imminent, and Biden has promised the largest response since World War II if it happens.

Supreme Court Justice Stephen Breyer will retire at the end of this judicial year, giving President Biden an opportunity to appoint a justice. The White House has said Biden will fulfill his campaign promise to name the first Black woman to the court.

That’s all for now, back tomorrow.