Saturday update and WWE Royal Rumble predictions

If you love Memphis restaurants, you need to read this CA article by food writer Jennifer Chandler. The Memphis Restaurant Association is calling on Memphians to reach out to Congress and ask them to replenish the Restaurant Revitalization Fund (RRF). This federal fund, set up to help restaurants through the pandemic, is running out of money and Chandler calls it a “bottom-of-the-ninth” moment for some area restaurants.

Call Congress to help save local restaurants

A Camaro was reported stolen at 100 Peabody Place a little before 3 this morning. It was found a short time later with damage to the driver’s side.

Dates and times have been set for Memphis 901 FC’s 2022 schedule. The action kicks off at home on Saturday, March 12.

Ja posted 30 points, 10 assists, and 10 rebounds for a triple-double in a Grizzlies victory at home over Utah last night. That was a very important win because Utah is right behind Memphis in the West, and that puts another game between us.

  • Memphis (34-17) is 3rd in the West
  • The Grizzlies are 6.5 games back from conference leader Phoenix and 3 back from 2nd-place Golden State
  • The Grizzlies are 3.5 games ahead of 4th-place Utah
  • The Grizzlies are avoiding play-in scenarios by 9 games, ahead of the 7th-place L.A. Clippers by that amount

Tonight is the second game of a home back-to-back for the Grizz. The team hosts the Washington Wizards. Tip time is 7 PM, but if you have tickets you’ll want to get there early – first 3000 fans get #JaCozySzn Grizzlies Tech Suit pants. This is the last fan giveaway until March 5.

Tonight is also Girl Scout Night at the Grizzlies. Girl Scouts and their families who purchase a special ticket will get to sit in the lower bowl to watch the Grizzlies’ pre-game shootaround. Post-game they will be invited to come on the court and shoot free throws. Scouts will also receive a custom Grizzlies and Hustle patch and the first 100 who purchase tickets will get a Grizzlies water bottle canteen.

The Blues Foundation announced that the Blues Hall of Fame on South Main Street will be closed until late April. The foundation has their biggest month ever coming up in May, with the International Blues Challenge and Hall of Fame inductions that month. They need the time off to prepare for the big events and staff up.

Impact 360 at 777 S. Main will offer a Self-Defense and Martial Arts Intro Class for ages 5-15 Saturday, February 12 from 10:15 AM to 12:15 PM. The course is a holistic 360-degree approach that will teach students not only martial arts, but how to be responsible to others and deal with day-to-day struggles. The cost for the class is $25.

MLK50 reports on Uptown residents’ recent successful fight to keep a 7-story parking garage out of their neighborhod.

Don’t forget that the Eric Gales album release meet & greet happens this afternoon at 2 at River City Records.

… and now it’s time for…


How to watch: The Rumble will be on Peacock tonight starting at 7 PM.


Prediction: Lesnar dominates most of the match. However, on orders from their cousin Roman Reigns, the Usos interfere, allowing Lashley to roll up Lesnar for the win. Winner and new WWE champion: Bobby Lashley


Prediction: I really couldn’t care less about this match, but this is an easy one to predict. We all know the babyfaces are going over here. Miz will be publicly embarrassed somehow, maybe covered in slime or something like that. Winners: Edge & Beth Phoenix

Post-match, Brock Lesnar beats up one of the Royal Rumble entrants (I guess Sami Zayn) and announces he’s taking his spot.


Prediction: The final four are Austin Theory, Kevin Owens, Drew McIntyre, and Brock Lesnar. Lesnar eliminates McIntyre to win the Rumble and get a shot at the championship of his choice at WrestleMania.

Things I’d like to see happen:

  • NXT champion Bron Breakker shows up and wins the Rumble. For those not familiar, Breakker is the son of Rick Steiner and he uses his uncle Scott’s Recliner as his finishing move. He’s been killing it on NXT lately.
  • Bad Bunny is a surprise entrant in the Rumble. Damian Priest eliminates Bunny with a vicious clothesline, marking the beginning of Priest’s heel turn.
  • Dominik Mysterio eliminates his father, marking the beginning of a badly-needed heel turn for Dom. As The Rock learned 25 years ago, you can only get so far in the business as a squeaky-clean babyface with a famous father. Bonus points if Dom pulls off Rey’s mask as he throws him over the top rope.
  • Either Commander Azeez or Veer eliminates Omos, setting up a big man vs. big man feud for Monday Night RAW.

Things I don’t want to see happen:

  • Jeff Hardy as a surprise entrant in this match. It would be better for everyone involved if he joins his brother Matt in AEW.
  • Edge as a surprise entrant and winner of this match. Been there, done that.
  • Randy Orton as the winner. He’s always a threat but he no longer needs a title to be perceived as a top-level guy.
  • John Cena as a surprise entrant and winner. He’s already come back and lost to Reigns.


Prediction: Lynch pins Doudrop clean in about six minutes. Winner and still champion: Becky Lynch

What I hope happens: Prior to the match, Doudrop announces she is reverting her name to Piper Niven and plays up to the crowd in a face turn. She and Lynch go back and forth in a 17-minute match and Niven hits her finisher to win the title. It’s the beginning of a long reign in which Niven demonstrates that women of all shapes and sizes can succeed at the highest levels and be loved by crowds of fans.


Prediction: The final four are Bayley, Bianca Belair, Ronda Rousey, and Charlotte Flair. Rousey eliminates Belair for the win and announces that she wants Big Time Becks for the RAW women’s title at WrestleMania.

What I hope happens:

  • Bayley wins the Women’s Rumble, turning face in the process. Bayley visits both RAW and Smackdown over the weeks to follow as she decides which women’s title to challenge for, in the process picking up wins over Carmella, Queen Zelina, Natalya, and Tamina. She eventually chooses Lynch.
  • Mickie James comes to the ring wearing the Impact women’s world title belt and lasts at least 10 minutes before getting eliminated.

What I don’t want to see:

  • Lita wins the Royal Rumble. I’ve never been a fan of hers. She was shoved down our throats in the ’00s (similar to Cena) as the character we were supposed to like. Her Hall of Fame induction speech was one of the most long-winded and boring speeches I’ve ever heard.


Prediction: Reigns dominates early on, but Rollins keeps making comeback after comeback. The fans are solidly behind Rollins as he breaks free from the guillotine and minutes later, kicks out of a pin attempt following a spear. They fall outside of the ring and Rollins reverses a whip, sending Reigns into the steel ring post. Rollins hits two successive Curb Stomps and appears to be on the verge of becoming the new Universal champion…

… but Brock Lesnar and Paul Heyman appear at ringside. Lesnar F5s Rollins into the ring post and throws him back in the ring. An astonished Reigns pins Rollins to retain. Winner and still Universal champion: Roman Reigns

Following the match, Lesnar gets a mic and admits that Rollins had Reigns beat and deserves to be champion. But Lesnar doesn’t care about Rollins; he wanted Reigns to still be champ at WrestleMania so Lesnar could have the pleasure of pinning Reigns in the main event there.

It would be super cool if:

  • Jon Moxley showed up at ringside to cheer Rollins on.

That’s it for this post. Back tomorrow.