Tuesday update

I had the 901 FC roll for lunch at STIX Express Downtown yesterday.

The 901 FC roll has cream cheese and jalapeno inside. It is topped with baked salmon, sweet soy, and crunchies. Delicious!

Jesus Christ Superstar kicks off a 6-day run at the Orpheum this evening.

Wednesday, June 29 will be Nerd Nite at the Memphis Chess Club, and the theme this time will be METAL. Come out for nerdy talks and nerdy music related to the theme.

Tonight is trivia night at the Blind Bear, 7:30. Hmmm I notice a couple of differences in the title graphic from previous weeks. Should I read anything into that?

Elmwood Cemetery has a weird request: They need kitty litter bottles. The bottles are the perfect size for Elmwood’s gardeners to carry water to their cradles. They need the lids too if you have them. You can leave them on Elmwood’s front porch.

The Memphis Redbirds start a homestand with the Jacksonville Jumbo Shrimp tonight at AutoZone Park with the first pitch at 7:05. On Tuesdays, every ticket includes a free order of ballpark nachos.

Memphis 901 FC sits atop the USL’s Eastern Conference standings. With 35 points, Memphis leads Louisville by 2. Memphis will play an away match at the Tampa Bay Rowdies on Saturday.

Jonte Mayon plays Soulin’ on the River at Fourth Bluff Park Friday night. Free show, family-friendly. Gates at 6, show at 7. Lawn chairs, coolers, picnic baskets welcome. Food trucks and a full bar will be on site.

Tri-Delta for St. Jude will hold a meeting at the Renasant Convention Center Wednesday-Friday.

Random cool thing I found on YouTube yesterday: A full episode of Chico and the Man, complete with 1970s commercials.

The show is one of the lost gems of 1970s sitcoms. Jack Albertson plays Ed Brown, owner of a garage. Ed is more or less the last white guy left in a Hispanic East L.A. barrio, and retains many of his outdated prejudices toward his neighbors. Chico comes to work for him and over the years helps mellow Ed’s opinions out.

As for the commercials, there’s a mail-order steam cooker, ’70s toys, and even a Gap commercial. My only complaint with this episode is that Louie the garbageman, played by Scatman Crothers, was not in it. Louie was my favorite. My grandmother used to call him “that old coot.” If Scatman were still alive today, there’d be a place for him at the corner table at Max’s Sports Bar.

Speaking of YouTube, MakeUseOf has news of an alternate place where you can host your videos: DTube. DTube is built on the blockchain rather than the traditional Web, and is therefore decentralized. DTube doesn’t have ads, and you can start monetizing videos immediately without having to hit a qualifying threshold of view-hours.

Ghislaine Maxwell, convicted of sex-trafficking minor girls in conjunction with the late Jeffrey Epstein, gets sentenced today. Oh man… Amber Heard has to fork over $8-million-plus to Johnny Depp… Meghan Markle is a Z-list celebrity despite being married to the Duke of Sussex… and now Ghislaine could be put away from 20 to 55 years. The 2020s have not been kind to narcissistic females.

Air conditioning update: Still has not been fixed, or as far as I am aware, even looked at, even though I’ve put in 3 work orders and emailed the manager. I tried to go down to the office 3 times yesterday to speak to someone in person, but each time no one was there. On a day when it’s near 100 with dew points in the 70s, my apartment stays around 80. On days like today when the highs are in the upper 80s and the dew point stays around 60, the A/C manages to get the temp down to about 74 (although it runs continuously).

The heat has aggravated a health problem I had several years ago. I have a favor to ask my readers… when I come into a place, having just walked there, give me a couple of minutes to cool off and catch my breath before you start hitting me with questions and conversation. I love you all and I hope that request doesn’t sound rude. It’s just what I need right now.

All right, that’s the news for today. Probably back tomorrow.