Friday update

Queen Elizabeth II’s funeral will be Monday morning at 11 London time, which is 5 AM U.S. Central time. USA TODAY has all the details of what will happen at the funeral and how to watch it. Multiple channels will cover the funeral but PBS sounds like the place to go. Their coverage begins at 3 AM Central and they’ll have a direct feed from the BBC.

Longshot has rolled out a new menu that includes Pollo Asado Nachos, a Smoked Mushroom & Shishito Philly, Crispy Duck, and a big Diner Burger. I’m glad to see they kept the lamb chili Frito pie.

Blind Bear is having an apparel sale today through Sunday. With purchase of food or a beverage, you can get the following discounts:

  • 10 year anniversary shirts $5 (regular $10)
  • Classic Bear shirts $15 (regular $25)
  • Grizz shirts $15 (regular $20)
  • “Universal” tanks $15 (regular $25)
  • Sweatshirts $25 (regular $40)
  • Zip-ups $25 (regular $35)

The DM has coverage and a photo gallery of the Memphis Music Hall of Fame inductions last night. Led Zeppelin frontman Robert Plant made a trip across the pond to induct Priscilla Presley. I wonder if he’ll stop by Winfield’s Clothing Store at Madison and Main to do some shopping today. I’ve been told Plant is one of many legendary rock stars who love that store.

Meghan Triplett, who had been the co-host of the Grizzlies’ “Rise and Grind” videocast, has joined the YES Network as the Brooklyn Nets reporter.

Varsity Spirit is leaving East Memphis and moving its headquarters Downtown. The new HQ will be in the Snuff District at N. Front and Keel. The move will let the organization be closer to two of its partners, St. Jude and the Grizzlies.

If you went to a bar or restaurant to watch Thursday Night Football last night, and it had Xfinity cable, you were out of luck. Amazon has acquired the rights to TNF games and will be streaming them on Prime. TNF will be available to watch in restaurants and bars across the U.S. – but only if they have DirecTV. Here’s an explainer.

Happy Mexican Independence Day to my readers from that country.

Today is also National Guacamole Day.

FOX 13, I feel the need to say this again: Your pop-up ad that appears after a website visitor has spent about 10 seconds on your home page is annoying AF. Please get rid of it.

Rodell McCord plays the Hard Rock tonight at 8.

Jones and Webster will provide the live music at the Memphis Farmers Market tonight.

That’s it for today. Back in about 24 hours with more news.