Monday update

The fall colors on the Main Street Mall are beautiful this week!

It’s rare to have musicals at the Orpheum in back-to-back weeks, but that’s what we have going on right now. The Grinch Who Stole Christmas: The Musical just wrapped up its run last night, and now Deat Evan Hansen is headed to town tomorrow through Sunday.

It’s Cyber Monday at the Grizzlies for 24 hours beginning at 9:01 this morning. You can score some Terrace-level seats to a game in the first two weeks of December for up to 35% off. They’re also selling some Holiday Packs of tickets that are not subject to the 24-hour time limit.

The Tigers have a Cyber Monday special as well on today: Tickets to home games vs. Ole Miss (Dec. 3) and Texas A&M (Dec. 17) (meaning, you get tickets to BOTH games) for $15. Pretty screamin’ deal.

For those of you who are bummed out that it’s cold and dark outside, look at the bright side… 3 months from now, it’ll be crawfish season.

Blind Bear has another new flavor of Ole Smoky moonshine: strawberry. This is different from the white chocolate strawberry cream moonshine I blogged about earlier. It’s 65 proof. Don’t forget, today is Moonshine Monday at the Bear with $5 shots.

In other Bear news, Robert the GM told me he’s going in at 6 this morning to hard-wire the bar smart TVs to an Ethernet connection. I’ve been referring to the TV on the left as “Buffery” but it sounds like I’ll be calling it “Speedy Gonzales” starting today. That’ll be good news for folks who come there to watch MNF.

Speaking of which, who’s playing in tonight’s MN MF’N F game? …Pittsburgh and Indianapolis. Meh.

The Memphis Tigers secured 5th place in the ESPN Events Invitational with a win over Stanford yesterday. Next up: at home vs. North Alabama Wednesday at 7.

Today is National French Toast Day. The Arcade at S. Main and G.E. Patterson would be my pick to celebrate.

The Grizzlies downed the New York Knicks on the road yesterday, 127-122. The team gets a couple of days off before heading to Minnesota on Wednesday. The Grizz now sit in third place in the West, 1.5 games out of first, with a 12-8 record.

The KLOVE Christmas Tour comes to the Cannon Center Wednesday night. Performances by Crowder, Matt Maher, Jordan St. Cyr, and Katy Nichols.

From The Guardian: Why you’re seeing so much stoppage time in the World Cup

That’a it for now. Back tomorrow with more news.