Tuesday update

It’s a huge day for the U.S. National Men’s Team today. They play Iran at 1 this afternoon (TV: FOX) in the final match of the group round. The math is quite simple: A win over Iran today sends the USMNT into the knockout round. A loss or a draw sends the team home. Got to be aggressive out there, boys. Try to get out to a 2-goal lead in the first 30 minutes, then fight tooth and nail for the last 60 to defend it.

I’ll most likely watch the game at Bardog if anyone wants to join. Since 1 PM is right in the middle of the lunch rush, I plan on getting there a few minutes early to ensure I get a good seat at the bar.

(Those who know me well are reading this and thinking, “a ‘few’ minutes early? More like 300 minutes’)

Speaking of Bardog, I was in there yesterday and ran into Eric, the restaurant group’s social media manager. He told me that runners in Saturday’s St. Jude races will get 20% off on food Friday and Saturday. All they have to do is show their bib or medal.

Eric also reminded me that today and tomorrow are the last days of the gift card sale at Aldo’s Pizza Pies. Cards are half-off, minimum expense is $25 (which would buy you $50 in purchasing power), and they can’t be used until 2023.

I was sitting next to a couple yesterday at Bardog and what they told the bartender made me sad to hear. “We love our apartment building a couple of blocks from here,” they said, “but we’re moving. A new restaurant & hookah lounge moved into the ground floor of our building this month. They play music late at night so loud it rattles our windows. We can’t sleep.”

It reminds me of about 12 years ago, when my next-door neighbors got these two untrained, noisy little shitdogs. They would start barking at 4:15 every morning, waking me up hours before I was ready. The dogs’ owners seemed to realize they were bothering the neighbors, but they didn’t care. Their attitude seemed to be, “We pay rent here, so we can make as much noise as we want without consideration of others who also pay rent.” It’s a shitty attitude to have and out of line with what Downtown is all about.

Today is a day fit for a King. A very happy birthday to Memphis’ own Jerry Lawler!

Bogie’s Deli in Brinkley Plaza is back open following an 8-week closure due to a water main break. Here are their specials for this week: (click image to view in a larger size)

MemphisWeather.net Twitter says to expect showers here in Memphis starting in the late morning. They will intensify to heavy rain and storms in the afternoon, with the heaviest threat of severe weather (especially high wind and tornadoes) coming 4-10 PM.

Floyd Nation, a Pink Floyd tribute band, is coming to the Cannon Center on March 11. Hey, wasn’t Nick Mason himself scheduled for the Cannon Center last year, and the show had to be canceled due to stupid COVID bullshit? Did that ever get rescheduled?

Meet new Memphis 901 FC head coach Stephen Glass at The Brass Door Wednesday night at 7:00.

One more Bardog note: They’ve been running a Red Pozole soup special this week. What is red pozole?

Transportation Secretary Pete Buttigeg will visit Memphis’ FedEx hub today.

Map of the world, made with chicken nuggets:

Today is Giving Tuesday and National Square Dance Day.

This sounds interesting: The Edwards Twins Present The Ultimate Christmas Variety Show at the Halloran Centre Sunday evening. It’s a play on the ’70s and ’80s TV Christmas variety shows, featuring impersonators playing Sonny & Cher, Neil Diamond, Johnny Mathis, Rod Stewart, Bette Midler, Barbra Streisand, Andrea Bocelli, and Tom Jones. Fun!

The CA has all the info you need about the St. Jude Marathon and related races this Saturday: routes, road closures, where to park. Bonus tip for the runners: There’s an old man who lives on Front near G.E. Patterson. Every year he sets up a table and hands out Miller Lite to people running by.

ABC 24 has a look at Feeding God’s People, an organization that provides warm meals, hygiene kits, and clothing to the homeless. Their meeting point is B.B. King Blvd. and Washington and their next giveaway will be Sunday, December 11.

YOGA! There’s Motherhood Yoga tonight at Downtown Yoga at 5:30.

Get your picture taken with Santa on Beale Street Friday from 5 to 7.

USA! USA! USA! Back tomorrow with more news.