Friday update

I doubt today’s blog post will be much good. I am not in the mood to type it. We lost a loved member of our Downtown family this week.

My last memory of Nate was Monday evening at the Blind Bear when a One Direction song came on. Diet Red Bull and vodka in hand, he sang every damn word of that song.

Wednesday night at Blind Bear karaoke, I saw an opportunity to get my two absolute favorite people to mess with on a stage together. “Allison is here,” I texted him. “She heard about your One Direction performance and she wants to sing a duet with you.”

He didn’t respond. I figured he was asleep. There’s a reason we call him Nappin’ Ass Nate.

By Thursday morning, though, I still hadn’t gotten a response. “That’s unlike him,” I thought. I expected at least an F-you from him. I went to Bardog and learned other people hadn’t heard from him in a couple of days either. By lunchtime at Local on Main, the concern level had grown to the point that the Blind Bear staff sent the police to his place to do a welfare check. Thirty minutes later, there was not a dry eye in the house.

Shit, dog. I’m gonna miss you. No matter how packed it gets, the Bear will seem empty without you.

Cocozza, the red-sauce Italian restaurant that is a sister restaurant to the Majestic Grille, is now open in Harbor Town. Hours are 4 to 9 Monday-Saturday. They have a full bar and will get beer later this month.

It’s Adoptable Pet Night at the Grizzlies. They play the Detroit Pistons at 7 and the first 5000 fans through the gate will get a 2023 Player Pet Calendar.

Politics news: Sen. Kyrsten Sinema of Arizona has left the Democratic Party. She is now an independent. She says she will continue to vote as she always has and will not caucus with the Republicans.

It’s National Llama Day.

I don’t feel like typing anymore. Back tomorrow or maybe Sunday.