Tuesday update

I’ve been on a psychic spree lately.

Shortly after I woke up yesterday, The Sundance Kid came to mind. That’s a movie character from old black & white Westerns – Butch Cassidy’s sidekick. I’ve never actually seen one of his movies. My grandmother told me about them. So The Sundance Kid probably last popped into my mind 35 years ago. I found it strange that he did yesterday.

I got dressed and went to Bardog, as I often do on holidays. Allie Cat had the Game Show Network on. It was a show where if you beat the other contestants, you go heads-up against trivia guru Ken Jennings for big money. Guess what the answer to one of the trivia questions was?

The Sundance Kid.

Freaky, man.

Fast-forward to about 10 last night. I was parked on a stool at Blind Bear, about one-third of my PBR can left, getting ready to order another. Just for shits & giggles I decided to check the radar on my phone. “Let’s see if i’m gonna get pelted with a few drops of rain on the way home.”

Nope. Not a few drops.

A line of torrential rain was about 10 minutes west of Downtown. “CHICO. TAB. NOW!” I said. I apologized to Chico for barking at him and explained the situation. He understood. I hoofed it home as fast as I can, texted the butt sluts that I made it safely, and crawled under the covers. As I did I heard heavy rain hit my window. Made it. Thank goodness for intuition.

Since I mentioned Chico… let’s do a list.


  1. Darrell (NightHawk) – King’s Palace Cafe, KPC Tap Room, other places – 20 years
  2. Chico – King’s Palace Cafe, KPC Tap Room, Blind Bear – 20 years
  3. Jeannette – Kooky Canuck, Silly Goose, now owner of Blind Bear – 17 years
  4. Bjarni – Lolo’s Table, Mollie Fontaine’s, Flying Saucer, Max’s Sports Bar – 15 years
  5. Jessica – Flying Saucer, Silly Goose, Max’s Sports Bar, Local on Main – 14 years

All right… let’s get on to the news…

The Grizzlies, on a 10-game winning streak, have risen to #3 in the NBA Power Rankings.

You have a few more days. Go vote for Ja, Jaren, and Des for the NBA All-Star Game.

Did you know that Ja leads the NBA in dunks among guards? He now has dunks against every other NBA team.

Missed the Earl Young Sports Legacy Symposium that preceded the Grizzlies game yesterday? Watch it here. NOTE: Fast-forward to 2:50 to get past the title graphic

Congrats to Keun “KD” Anderson, the Big Guy, who has been appointed Executive Chef at Loflin Yard. He plans to make the place a culinary destination as much as it is a spot to hang out and drink in the open air. (hat tip to Edible Memphis for the info)

There will be a Gene Bartow bobblehead giveaway Thursday to the first 1000 fans at FedExForum when Penny’s Memphis Tigers host Wichita State. Tip time is 6 PM. TV will be ESPNU.

Stand-up comic Wanda Sykes comes to the Orpheum Friday. Tickets are $39.50-$89.50.

Exciting news! The Portable Sanitation Association Convention & Trade Show comes to Downtown Memphis January 31-February 3. That’ll surely be a fun group of people to hang out with in the evening after their presentations are over. I can’t wait to hear about the latest advances in urinal cakes.

Today is Judgment Day.

Jesus has been charged with kidnapping.

Action News 5 has coverage of the MLK Day parade, which returned Downtown yesterday after a pandemic break.

Strong storms are possible tomorrow. Forecast radar indicates 5 PM may be the hour.

Star & Micey play Loflin Yard Saturday.

SugaShack at 392 Beale has Blues in the Basement this Thursday evening.

Blind Mississippi Morris plays Blues City Cafe Friday.

The Broom Closet will host a Revive. Renew. Thrive. group hypnosis session Saturday from 2 to 4.

Butt Slut #1 just joined me at the Monroe Avenue Branch Office. I did the impossible last night. I made her so mad that she blocked my texts for a few hours.

Remember, Sunday night I referenced one of her body parts (a part I don’t have) in the most lewd language possible, shocking our friends sitting with us. Did she block me for that? No. She shrugged it off and said, “That’s just the way Paul and I talk to each other.”

But Monday night I did something far worse.

I texted her “Go Bucs!” as they kicked off against her Dallas Cowboys.

That got me blocked.


Okay. The Showcase Showdown is about to come on, so I’m gonna hit Publish. Back tomorrow.