Saturday update – lots of Blind Bear news

But before we get to the Bear news, a DOWNTOWN PRO DRINKING TIP: I have it on good authority (from an ex-employee) that Michael and Yari will be filling in at the brunch shift at Bardog today. Two weekends ago Michael made me the most incredible spicy Bloody Mary I’ve ever had that I did not make myself. HE MUDDLED THE JALAPENOS. OMG so good. If you like spicy, get up there and ask him to make you a Bloody.

The guy has phenomenal taste in music too. I use my Shazam app a lot when he’s behind the bar.

The latter half of this coming week is going to be a big one at Blind Bear:

  • Thursday, from my hometown of Little Rock, Joey Barrett comes to play live. Also it will be Myrical’s last night
  • Friday, FreeWorld makes their return to the Bear!!! So excited to hear them in that venue… and a bit sad that Dr. Herman Green won’t be on stage with them

“But, Paul,” you’re asking, “Friday is normally burlesque night. What about burlesque?”

Glad you asked!

  • On Saturday, January 28, there will be a special Saturday performance of Velvetina’s Speakeasy Burlesque. The show starts at 10 PM and James & The Ultrasounds will be their backing band

But, enough about next week. What about tonight?

Mountain Dew Baja Blast hot sauce is a thing and I want some.

Today is Squirrel Appreciation Day.

The Grizzlies’ win streak came to an end against the L.A. Lakers last night, 122-121. Up next: at Phoenix Sunday night at 7.

Kevin Keough, owner of Cafe Keough in my apartment building, appears on a DM podcast this week.

80% chance of rain tonight.

WREG: Police catch a man casing cars with burglary tools in Harbor Town

Springhill Suites, a hotel on the Main Street Mall facing Court Square, seeks a bartender.

That’ll do it. Headed to Bardog for brunch with Randy and Butt Slut #1. I want some more of those strawberry pancakes. Or maybe I’ll try the blueberry this week.

Y’all. Butt Slut #1 is going out of town next weekend. I hate to admit it but I’m gonna miss her SO MUCH.

Anyway, if there’s news to report, I’ll be back tomorrow. Otherwise, Monday.