Should I root for the Dallas Cowboys today?

I have legit reasons for hating the Tennessee Vols. Their fan base is the shittiest in all of college athletics. They throw golf balls and mustard bottles onto the field. They tear down goalposts and throw them in the river. I personally know Vols fans who are pretty horrible people (although, to be fair – I know Vols fans who are awesome people too).

Lately I’ve been rooting against the Dallas Cowboys, calling them the “Cowgirls” and such.

It’s not that I hate Dem Boyz – really, I don’t much care one way or the other about ANY NFL team. The only thing NFL I TRULY root for is for the season to hurry up and end so I can watch basketball.

And I have nothing personal against the Cowboys’ fan base as I do the Vols.

I’ve been talking trash about the Boyz to irritate one person.

And, in the past 10 or so days, that person has

  • Given me two badass T-shirts as belated Christmas presents
  • Bought me a ticket to see The Price Is Right Live on April 1
  • Told me she loves me at least 15 times
  • The one night I forgot to text and tell her I made it home safely, she told me she got anxiety

She’s a huge Cowboys fan. Should I root for Dem Boyz today in support of her? They play the Niners at 5:30 on FOX.


Should I root for the Cowboys today?

I’ll check the poll results at 5:29 and what the majority says to do, I will do.

Let’s get on to the news…

The Tigers travel to Cincinnati for a noon game vs. the Bearcats. TV: ESPN2. Preview

The World Famous Glenn Miller Orchestra plays the Orpheum on Monday, January 30. Isn’t that like an old people thing? I wonder if the folks who sit at the corner table at Max’s are going. They could pre-game with liver & onions at Picadilly at 4:15 (if they go to the one in Whitehaven, they might see King Willie) then head to the theater.

“Boy, the week Glenn Miller played” was the opening line Archie Bunker sang in the theme song of All in the Family.

There’s a Mendelssohn violin concerto by Memphis Symphony Orchestra at the Cannon Center today and tomorrow.

If you’re a Daily Memphian subscriber, they have a really good 3-part series on Grizzlies guard Desmond Bane this weekend.

The Grizzlies play at Phoenix 7 tonight. TV: Bally Sports South

Today is National Hot Sauce Day. I’d tell you to go to Maciel’s, but they’re closed on Sunday! I’ll let you in on a secret though: The green sauce in a bottle at Bardog.

Order a Bardog Breakfast and put it on your scrambled eggs and your breakfast potatoes.

This is pretty cool: Buzz Aldrin, the second astronaut to set foot on the moon, got married last week. Aldrin is 93.

South Main Sounds will have its 8th-anniversary show on Friday.

More details on the return of poker on Mondays at the Silly Goose: 7 PM main game, $125 in prizes; 9 PM turbo, $25 in prizes.

Daaaaang… Will Graceland have to be sold to pay off Lisa Marie’s debts?

Food & Wine: The 8 essential items that keep restaurant customers coming back. ALL OF THIS and I’ll add one: Footrest (appropriate height) at the bar. Friday I stayed home from one of my usual spots due to lack of a footrest. Saturday I sat at a bar whose footrest was so low, they might as well not have had one at all.

That’s it for this morning. Probably back tomorrow with more news.