Sunday update

So, this happened yesterday.

The girl I alternately call “my bratty but adorable adopted lil sis” and “Butt Slut #1” had her birthday on Wednesday. Our friends Randy and Theresa brought her a birthday cake to Bardog yesterday. It was a strawberry cake decorated with 5 roses the colors of her team the Dallas Cowboys. (ugh)

I’ve been teasing Butt Slut #1 relentlessly the past two days, some of it bordering on crossing the line. So she paid me back by picking up a rose off the cake and smooshing it all over my face. For the next 3 hours I wore the icing like a badge of honor.

Speaking of butt sluts: There is now a Butt Slut cocktail at the Blind Bear. It consists of

  • Peach moonshine
  • Blackberry moonshine
  • Fireball
  • Jameson Orange
  • Topped with a cherry

Not sure of the proportions or the price. Maddie invented it, so I’d recommend having her make it if possible.

On a related note: I must admit I’ve always been a tad jealous of my “DAWG” John D because for a decade, he had an item named after him on the Majestic’s now-defunct brunch menu. John D’s Breakfast was just your basic breakfast – eggs, bacon, sausage, toast, and potatoes if I remember correctly.

Well, guess what.

I’m about to have a menu item at Blind Bear.

They’re overhauling their menu soon. Jeannette texted me the new menu and asked me to pick an item. She suggested the meatloaf sandwich. I love meatloaf so that was an easy yes. I’ve had a poker table (Paul’s Blue Ribbon Table) named after me since day one.

Now let’s talk Tigers.

It’s so frustrating. Whether Penny or Tubby or Pastner is the coach, these kids jack up bad attempts at the 3 first chance they get. Work together, guys. Drive the ball inside and lay it up for an easy 2. Draw a foul, get to the line, earn that 3rd point the old-fashioned way.

The Tigers lost to Tulane 90-89 in overtime, a game they should have easily won. Memphis is gonna find itself on the wrong side of the NCAA bubble if it keeps this up.

The Pro Bowl Games are the Downtown Olympics of the NFL. That’s not a compliment. All they need is a sixty year old emcee in a bad tux and a female head referee with a 3-ring binder.

It’s National Fart Day.

Don Bryant and the Bo-Keys play the Halloran Centre Friday.

Protesters blocked the intersection of Poplar and Danny Thomas for more than 8 hours yesterday to demand justice for Tyre Nichols.

The U.S. shot down a suspected Chinese spy balloon off the Carolina coast.

The Grizzlies host the Toronto Raptors at 6. Tonight is Faith & Family Night at the arena. TV: Bally Sports South

Collage Dance Collective: RISE is at the Cannon Center today. The dance performance is set to Dr. King’s final public speech.

Hey y’all want a bonus Butt Slut #1 pic?

This is the Hibernation Okra she ordered Friday at Blind Bear. All the toppings they put on Hibernation Fries but with okra instead.

That’ll do it for today. Mondays are typically slow news days so I may take tomorrow off.