Tuesday update #2

From the DM: Taste of the (Medical) District returns with vendors new and old. The tasting event is next Tuesday (Oct. 3) afternoon at Health Sciences Park. The event is free, but you have to sign up to attend on Eventbrite. I just got on there and claimed my ticket!

Great blog post from Copeland Coaching this week: Work is not family. If management tries to paint a picture of “one big family,” it can be a red flag, a sign that employees’ boundaries won’t be respected.

A MUST-READ from the Washington Post: The new phone etiquette. Allow me to summarize this OUTSTANDING list:

  • Don’t leave a voice mail – hang up at the prompt and send a text instead. No one listens to voice mail anymore.
  • Text before calling – to check to see if the recipient is free, and to give them an idea what it is you want to talk about.
  • Just because someone is calling you, doesn’t mean you have to pick it up
  • Send facts via text; use voice when emotions need to be expressed
  • If you call someone and they don’t answer, don’t immediately hang up and call them again (and again and again and again). If your matter is urgent, hang up and text them and explain why.
  • DON’T USE YOUR SPEAKERPHONE IN PUBLIC!!!!!! I’d estimate that 30% of the time I sit at one of my favorite bars, I wind up next to someone having a speaker or FaceTime conversation. Incredibly annoying and RUDE to those seated nearby!

HOTWORX in The Edge at 750 Madison will have a 1-year anniversary celebration this Wednesday from 4 to 8. Come enjoy goodies from local vendors.

Enjoy free, family-friendly concert Sunset@BRIDGES this Thursday from 5 to 8 PM at 477 N. Fifth.

Celtic Woman has been announced for the Orpheum the night of Thursday, April 25.

A way-too-early bowl projection has the Memphis Tigers facing Wake Forest in the Military Bowl on December 27.

PROGRAMMING NOTE: Blog post will be late one day this week, very possibly tomorrow, so I can walk up to the Election Commission office and early vote.

Back when there’s more news to post and I have time to post it.