Tuesday update

From Tiger Blueprint: Is Penny Hardaway the Deion Sanders of college basketball?

The SEC, whose officials called Saturday’s Memphis vs. Missouri game, apologized for an incorrect ruling on the field that Memphis, down by 7 late in the 4th quarter, must use a tee for its onside kick. Memphis failed to recover its own kick and Mizzou ran the remaining time off the clock to win.

Memphis magazine’s Vance Lauderdale discusses Hemphill Diesel School, which had runs in what is now The Edge District as well as South Main in the 1930s and 1940s.

Here’s a list of The Features weekly specials at Blind Bear for this week:

  • Gumbo greens –  collard greens, onion, peppers, celery, turkey sausage, chicken, smoked turkey, shrimp (optional) – served with honey jalapeno cornbread $8 cup, $12 bowl
  • Rasta pasta – jerk chicken with a cream sauce, mixed bell peppers and green onions over penne pasta $16
  • Mixed berries cheesecake $8
  • Chocolate cake $8

Downtown Neighborhood Association members, don’t forget, the monthly meeting is tonight at the Blind Bear. Tony tells me wings and possibly their Hibernation Dip will be among the hors d’oeuvres. I am a DNA member in good standing, so I will see you there!

If Queen Elizabeth II had visited Downtown Memphis’ Cossitt Library while she was alive, this is the book she would have checked out:

Memphis Songwriters Series featuring John Nemeth, Sarah Spain, and Deion Corley (wow, two Deions in one post) happens Thursday night at the Halloran Centre. Tickets are $10.

Jerry Seinfeld will be at the Orpheum Friday night. Tickets are $67.50 to $195.

Today is National Better Breakfast Day. My recommendation would be to show up at Bardog at 8 AM and order a Big Bardog Breakfast with eggs, breakfast potatoes, toast, bacon, and sausage – then make breakfast even better by ordering an ice cold PBR too.

Not Downtown but possibly worth a quick Lyft or Uber: Beer can chicken cooking contest at Crosstown Brewing Co. Saturday afternoon

Memphis Tigers coach Ryan Silverfield wants Vandy, in Nashville, at the Titans’ stadium.

All right. It’s about 7 PM Monday, and since I have a time-sensitive item in this post (National Better Breakfast Day) I’m gonna go ahead and schedule it to go up a little after midnight. Back later in the day if there’s more news to report.