Wednesday update

Happy birthday to my friend John D! He celebrates a big one today. See you at Local on Main in a little while, John!

The Memphis Tigers made it 4 victories vs.ranked teams last night, earning a 77-54 victory over 22 Virginia. Along with previous wins over 20 Arkansas, 21 Texas A&M, and undefeated 13 Clemson, Memphis has some assets to impress the NCAA tournament seeding committee.

Six seed sound about right for the Tigers? Maybe a ceiling of a five seed if we run the table against ranked conference opponent FAU.

And then there’s Ja… he looked brilliant in his last-second shot that gave the Grizzlies a 115-113 victory over New Orleans. We can all breathe a sigh of relief… our guy hasn’t lost a step. Ja had 34 points for the night.

The Memphis City Council has voted to give the Liberty Bowl stadium to the University of Memphis. Absolutely the correct move. Well done.

Today is National Sangria Day and Go Caroling Day.

I got a new troll yesterday. No idea what to name him. Suggestions?

Drew & Ellie Holcomb’s Neighborly Christmas is tonight at the Orpheum.

That’s it for now. Maybe back later today.