Monday update

February, the month that overstays its welcome like the creepy druncle in the guest room – despite being the shortest month of the year. Once Groundhog Day and Valentine’s have passed, most of us are ready to move on – to March, to the return of temps in the 60s, to the return of 7:00 sunsets.

Yet February lingers on.

So why not make the best of it?

The day after New Year’s through the week before St. Pat’s are the slowest days of the year for Downtown restaurants – especially mom-and-pop restaurants that are part of the fabric of this community.

Why not eat out Downtown an extra time or two or three these last days of February?

You may help a restaurant owner stay current on their bills.

You may help a server to pay their March 1 rent on time.

May I recommend a few of my personal favorite Downtown restaurants?


Local on Main

Blind Bear



Speaking of Momma’s, I finally got to try the cheese curds there.

They were yummy and a lot of food. That’s marinara (and Perjorie T. Roll) on the side

Walking around yesterday, I got a look at the soon-to-open pedestrian bridge between the Downtown Mobility Center and AutoZone’s parking garage.

Grind City Brewing Co. is having a spring cleaning sale Saturday, February 24. They will have archival glassware for sale at deep discounts.

A boy died after falling off a railing in the 200 block of S. Danny Thomas this weekend.

I truly love typing this blog for all of you. It’s one of the few times during the day I’m not bored and depressed. I have a $100+ annual hosting bill coming up March 2. Circumstances took my apartment and my lifestyle but NOTHING is gonna take my blog. I’ll figure it out.

The DM has a Soup Sunday photo gallery ,

Yummmm! Today is National Chocolate Miint Day

SMU 108, Members 79. That’ll probably drop Memphis to a 3 seed in the NIT.

I’m working on a FAQ about being a client/guest at the Union Mission. I waited at least a month longer than I should’ve to avail myself of their services. Maybe such a document will help other men get there quicker.

The Grizzlies are hiring a part-time youth basketball camp coach.

That’s it for now. Back tomorrow.

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